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Cats are great, and they love to play. However, sometimes you have many cat toys at home; it can happen that your cat is playing with no toy. My youngest kitten Mylas is often very obsessed with looking at the screen of my mobile or laptop. He finds the pointer or moving images particularly interesting.

A few months ago, I found some best active apps for cats. I put a few on my Ipad. Most people will agree that the idea of letting my cats play with my precious iPad is a little crazy because my cats have enough toys that do not cost hundreds of euros.

There are a lot of different best active apps for cats. You can download these apps on an Android or iOS device. Letting your cat play with active apps for cats is fun for your cat and yourself. Your cat is entertaining. As an owner, it is funny to see how fanatically and actively your cat is playing. If you are lucky, your cat will be very gentle on the screen and don’t use their claws. It is also hilarious to see how cats try to find the animals on the screen under the iPad or tablet.

So if you feel ready now and think your cat likes it, and you want to try it, here are great apps that turn your tablet or iPad into an awesome cat toy. You won’t regret it! In this post, I will also give tips on protecting the stuff against the claws of your cat and what you can do if you have several cats. Plus, a few tips to ensure that your cat does not get addicted to these active cat apps.

Tablet for My Cats

Maybe you have a new phone, iPad, or tablet and do not want your cat scratching the screen. Completely logical. However, does that mean that your cat can not play apps for cats? I have a few solutions so your cat can still play actively.

For my cats, especially for the kitten Mylas, I have an old tablet. I no longer use this tablet because the battery is empty quickly, and the tablet reacts slowly to apps. However, for a few active apps for cats, the tablet works fine. So my cats now have their cat tablet. It may sound very pampered and strange, but my cats are very happy with it. Also, I do not always pay attention to whether the tablet is scratched or sliding through the room.


You can install the apps on different devices like an old phone, tablet, ipad, computer, or laptop. The best way of protecting your devices is an extra protective cover around the tablet or Ipad. You can stick a screen protector on the screen to protect the screen of your device. Also, you get less scratches on your screen.

Note: put the device away if your cat is alone. My cats like it so much that every device is seeing as a cat game. Stay close to your cat when your cat is playing. Although the screens are protecting, the cat may press the wrong button, and the app will be shutting down. If your cat continues to touch on the screen, things can happen that you would rather not. For example, your cat goes to a weird Internet site or calls a pizza restaurant.

If you have several cats at home, it might be better to let each cat play separately. I only have a tablet for Mylas because Zayra does not find the apps for cats interesting. She often watches and follows Mylas with what he is doing.

Mylas plays cat game

Best Active Apps for Cats

  • Cat Fishing 2

Cat Fishing 2 is specially designed for cats. Tap the start button and get ready to watch your cat go for the catch of the day. The more your cat catches, the more challenging the game gets — three levels of fun with more fish at a time. Also, when the game is done, you can share your cat’s score on Facebook, or post your cat’s high score on the worldwide Leaderboard.

  • Cat Alone 2

CAT Alone 2 is a sequel to the CAT ALONE app with six unique individual games.
These games are fascinating, not only for pets who have experience with ‘CAT ALONE,’ but also for beginners who are not yet familiar with active cat game apps. The chances are that your cat will be entertaining with these games. This app has six different games: red light, catch the spider, play with feathers, catch the mouse, radiant dandelion and catching water drops.

  • Happy cats

HappyCats is a game for kittens and cats. It has four different game modes from which you can choose. The games are:
• Try to catch a mouse, the speed of the mouse increases every time it is touched.
• Following the light. Fast moving yellow ball/lamp that moves across the screen.
• Touch the butterflies. With this game, your cat must touch butterflies as much as possible. The butterflies fly back and forth.
• Dancing mice. The mice run from one opening to the other. Your cat must try to catch them.

The nice thing about this game is that it supports multi-touch. Two cats can play at the same time! The disadvantage of this multitouch is that it is quite difficult for a cat. You have to press a circle, touch it elsewhere on the screen does not work. You can share the scores of your cats on social media. Young cats and kittens will certainly like this game. The app also has a kind of radio; you can play different sounds such as relax song, catcall or kitten purr — an app with many options.

  • Game for cats

This game has four different games.

  • A tiny black mouse, try to chase it!
  • Chase a laser.
  • Butterflies on the screen. The more butterflies your cat catches, the more points it gets.

This app is only available for iOS 7.0 or newer. Many people report that there are many complaints and you have to pay for specific functions.

  • Paint for cats

Let your cat introduce to the emotionally fulfilling world of art with Paint for Cats. This is a painting app for your Ipad. Maybe your cat is a little Van Gogh.

All cat owners secretly believe that our felines are the most charming and talented creatures on the planet. Now we can prove it with Paint for Cats, an iPad painting app from the same makers that brought Game for Cats.

Paint for Cats has a rainbow-striped mouse that is dancing around and off the screen. It is in a manner designed to motivate your cat to put the paws on the screen. Every time a cat paw lands, a big drop of paint gets added to the canvas .If your cat puts his paws on the screen often enough, you have a lovely painting at the end.

best active apps cats
  • Mouse

A mouse that runs in your phone and eats cheese. This mouse game is also for your cat! There is a basic white screen, and a mouse is walking around in different angles, and then it stops sometimes. Your cat must catch the mouse. Available on Android devices.

  • Mouse for Cats

Mouse for Cats is a legendary 2D game. There are 11 different, exciting and interesting mouse levels! The game is built, optimized and timed for cats! You can adjust the mice. The mice are all in different colors with animated shape, tail and sound, so your cat pays serious attention to the game.

New options are: multi Mouse (start with one mouse or select two. If you have more cats or your cat is a skilled hunter you can choose four mice.) If you have the game on your iPhone, you can feel the vibrations. You can change the level speed and how often the mouse will change: slow, normal or fast.

To teach your cat the game, you can tap the mouse yourself. Show how you tap on the screen. Your cat will see what happens and the chances are that your cat is interested in the game.

The game runs best on an iPad. This app is only available in the App Store for iOS devices.

  • Cat playground

Cat Playground is a game for cats and not for people. But of course, it is not prohibited;) There is a choice of 4 game elements in this app: grab the shark, moles, a laser ball or the mouse. This app works on every Android phone with a touchscreen. On a tablet or phone with a large display, the game works best because it is easier for your cat to see and tackle the beasts.

  • Lazer chase for cats

Chase lazers with your cat! Many cats like laser beams very much. They want to follow it and try to catch it. The laser beam is a round and red point that moves back and forth across the screen.

  • Friskie’s JitterBug App

With Friskies JitterBug, your cat can always catch small insects on your mobile device or tablet. In Game mode, there are five rounds of fifteen seconds to catch as many insects as possible.

In the advanced mode, you can select how many of each type of insect should appear. The advanced mode also features an Endless Play option. Your cat can then practice as long as it wants. If you want to leave the Endless Play mode, you shake the device and return to the main menu.

A Video for Cats to Watch Birds

If your cat likes to watch birds or find the sounds of birds interesting, then there are a lot of videos of birds on the internet. If you do not know if your cat likes such a video with bird sounds, try the video below. One thing is sure; the sounds and images are beautiful.

Protect Your Cat

It is important to note that the apps are not meaning to let your cat play with it all day long. The apps are fun for the variety but not meant to stay on all day. Otherwise, your cat does not want to play with other toys anymore. There is also a chance that your cat will become obsessed if it sees an iPad, tablet, or mobile phone. Your cat immediately thinks that it can play again.

See the apps as a luxury for your cat, and make sure you are always there when your cat plays a game. For example, create a schedule with times so that you know how long your cat has played with the app that day. It may sound overdone, but your cat can become addicted and want to play with nothing else if you do not set limits.


As you can see, there are a lot of active apps for cats. Games that your cat can enjoy for hours. One app is more fun and works faster than another app. However, tastes differ. Let your cat play with different apps for cats and see which your cat likes the most. You will quickly notice which app your cat prefers.

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Hopefully, you have learned something about the best active apps for cats on Android iOS. When you know someone who likes to know more about the best active apps for cats, feel free to share this post. Additionally, is your cat already addicted to one of the active cat game apps?

By Marleen

Marleen is a truly madly deeply cat lover and founder of That Is for My Cat. She wants to share her knowledge about cats with other people who like to know more about cats.

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