Can Cats Eat Bananas?

Can Cats Eat Bananas

Monkeys love bananas, and also most people eat it. Cats with their discerning palates are not famed about eating a banana. It could be a surprise that your cat is interested in food items like a banana. So you could wonder: Can cats eat bananas?

Cats can eat bananas. There is no reason that cats cannot eat bananas. Bananas are a prime source of potassium, a mineral that supports heart and kidney functions. But bananas are heavy on carbs, which is one reason cats do not need them.

Bananas are healthy for us, but that doesn’t mean that they’re safe for cats. Although the curiosity of cats questions from cat owners are around about whether bananas are good, bad, or potentially poisonous to cats. Do cats need this popular fruit?

Can Cats Eat Bananas?

Cats have no carbohydrates requirement in their diet, and feeding carbs to cats can lead to many problems. Cats can digest the carbohydrates in a limited way, but the carbs should only make up 0-2% of their diet.

Some vets say that unless doing so prevents them from eating their regular diet, they see no reason that cats cannot eat bananas. As carnivores, cats may be able to use a limited amount or any of the protein’s fats in bananas. Cats lack the enzymes to digest that kind of plant food, so that’s the reason why they can not eat many bananas.

A cat can’t taste sweetness. That is resulting from a lack of a genetic need to develop that. So cats won’t be too excited by a sweet treat of any type, much less a banana. Cats are carnivores, so they require meat and protein. Bananas are essentially a sugary fruit. If your cat likes bananas, then they are a genuinely curious creature.

Bananas are among the most nutritious fruits. However, when you consider giving your cat some pieces of banana, understand that to banana can upset your cat’s stomach and stir up health issues. I am recommending you not to feed cats bananas in large quantities, especially as a meal replacement.

Any possible cat nutritional benefits from bananas, such as potassium, could be supplied with more appropriate food. Cats fed a balanced raw meat diet do not need the addition of any fruits, vegetables, or grains.

Some Cats Loves to Eat Bananas

Cats can be weird animals in their behavior, feeding habits, and things they like and don’t like. So it could just be that you have a cat that likes to eat a banana and asks for a piece when you are eating. If you have a cat that likes bananas, a small bite sometimes likely won’t hurt them. But keep in mind that this is a completely inappropriate food for a cat. It is better to give your cat a healthy, meat-based snack.

If you have a cat who is eating bananas, a small bite sometimes is no problem. But keep in mind that this is a completely inappropriate food for a cat. It is better to give your cat a healthy, meat-based snack.

My cats, Zayra and Mylas, don’t like bananas. When I give them a few thin slices cut in bite-size quarters, they sniffed delicately and then walked away. After a while, they returned and asking attention to say: give us a better snack than a banana.

Cat parents need to realize that a cat is not a person or a dog. We need to think about what to feed a cat. Feeding your cat high levels of carbs are harmful and contributes to many diseases that cats suffer from in high numbers, such as diabetes and irritable bowel disease (IBD).

Related Questions

How Do I Give a Banana to a Cat?

Take a banana. Remove the banana peel. It’s not good for a cat’s digestive system if ingested. Cut the banana into appropriate bite-size pieces. Give your cat a small piece and observe your cat’s reaction. Your cat can be allergic to bananas. Mostly, symptoms present themselves moments after eating. If there are allergic symptoms, then it is crucial to make an appointment with the Veterinarian.

Are Bananas Safe for Cats?

Can cats eat bananas? Sure, cats can eat bananas because bananas are non-toxic to cats. But bananas are not always safe for cats. A cat can potentially experience an allergic reaction from eating a banana even if this is a small portion. Cat owners who choose to give their cat a banana must watch closely for an allergic reaction. If your cat is getting an allergic reaction after eating a banana, call and visit a Veterinarian.

  • Allergic Reaction Symptoms in Cats by eating a banana could be:
  • Itching of the mouth and throat.
  • Itchy rash
  • Skin or mucosal swellings.
  • Narrowing of the throat.
  • Wheezing.

These are some of the symptoms that can occur. Of course, it may also be that your cat develops other symptoms. If you have any doubts about your cat’s health, it is always advisable to contact the vet.

What are Alternative Healthy Snacks?

Maybe you are looking for some healthy snacks for your cat beyond dry food or regular canned food. Perhaps your cat might also like vegetables.

Cat owners can always try to give their cats food or treat in the way of vegetables. But not all cats will eat this. There certainly are good nutrients in vegetables when it is part of a balanced meal.

These vegetables are not toxic to cats, according to the ASPCA:

Green bell peppers

However, remember that your cat is a carnivore. So they will miss out on vital nutrients if they are eating only vegetables instead of properly formulated cat food. The large majority of what cats eat should be a balanced diet. In general, treats are not balanced and should not make up an important portion of their daily food.

What Are the Side Effects of Giving a Cat a Banana?

Bananas are non-toxic to cats, but on the other hand, they can still negatively affect your cat’s health. Below you will find some negative effects for a cat’s health:

  • The cat has more change to get obese. The bananas contain sugar and carbohydrates.
  • More change to get spiked blood sugar levels. This could lead to diabetes.
  • When a cat is eating much fiber, so ingested in large amounts, it can cause diarrhea.
  • It’s difficult to digest plant-based foods.
  • Vomiting, flatulence, and abdominal pain.


If you like this post, maybe you want to read more about cats and vegetables. I have written a post about Safe and Healthy Fruit for Cats. I hope your cat likes to eat some healthy fruit. If you know someone with a cat that maybe even wants to learn more about can cats eat bananas, then feel free to share this post.

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