Can Cats Paint?

Cats can painting

Cats can paint well, but many people do not know that cats can paint. Anyone with a cat can learn how to paint with his cat. If you look at Google, you come across different cat paintings. Everything you need for painting with your cat can be learning here. Think of the approach, requirements, and tips.

Why is it fun to paint with your cat, and can cats paint? Cats can paint. You make fun, and your cat has fun. It is not a daily activity, you strengthen the bond with your cat, and the preparation does not take much time. Finally, unique artwork is creating, and you can show it to other people or even sell it.

In this blog post, you will learn more about can cats paint. You learn more about how you can paint with your cat, the materials you need, and extra stuff you can use. Finally, you can see a video of Zayra; she is painting artwork.

Paint Materials

If you go painting, then you need something to paint on. You can use a cloth or panel. Painting on other carriers, such as paper or wood, can also be used. Different types of paint can be used for painting. The best known are watercolor, tempera, oil paint, and acrylic paint. I answer questions like which painting supplies are essential for this project and what materials you need before starting the “real” work?

For painting with your cat, you need some supplies. To make it a success, it is important that you have all the stuff and do not need to pack or buy anything during the painting. Make sure everything is ready. You need the following materials:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Adhesive tape or painting tape
  • White A4 size paper or one sizeable A3 size white paper
  • Plastic foil or transparent cover
  • A favorite toy from your cat to motivate and distract
  • Cat treats for the reward

Which Materials You Should Not Use

For the type of paint, you can best use acrylic paint. Suppose you use watercolor, wall paint, or latex paint. In that case, it is more challenging to apply this; the drying time is longer. It is more difficult to ensure that the painting becomes beautiful. Do not use thick and opaque cover film. Do not use brushes or pencils to update art. The artistic idea is then gone.

Do not buy adhesive tape that is too sticky and difficult to remove from the ground or paper. It is advisable not to use folding sheets, music paper, or kitchen paper, for example. This paper is too thin for this. Use one or more toys that your cat likes. Did you buy new toys, and you do not know if your cat loves this? Then you have a good chance that it does not work. Your cat must have fun and be distracted by the favorite toy.

Benefits of the Materials

Because I have painted several times with my cat, I know which materials are the finest and their benefits. Once you have found the right materials, you can continue to use them and possibly rebuy new ones.

For painting, I bought a box with small paint tubes in different colors. The paint I used is acrylic paint. It is based on a 5-10% turpentine base and can be diluted with water. The paint is dry after 6-8 hours. Acrylic paint has the advantage that it can mix with water. You do not smell solvents; it dries quickly and does not discolor.
For the foil, you can use the best thin transparent film. I bought a roll with plastic cover foil in the store. So something that you use to cover your floors for when you are going to paint the walls. This foil does not tear quickly, is thin, and is easy to cut to size. For about € 1.00, you have a lot of square meters of foil.

Make sure you use a favorite toy, or maybe your cat has several so that you can alternate. My cat has another favorite toy. It is a toy mouse with a bell and a fluorescent earplug with a rubber band attached to a plastic stick. She can only play with the earplug if someone is there. Otherwise, I am afraid she swallowed. If you use a favorite toy, painting is more fun for the cat and more motivated to walk over the foil.

Extra Paint Stuff You Can Use

There is much extra stuff that you can use to make painting even more original or artistic. You can think of materials that you can use to brighten up the artwork, make it more original or make it more challenging for you and the cat. You can apply the materials simultaneously with the paint or after painting. Below are some ideas that you can use:

  • colored paper
  • brush
  • sponge
  • coloring page with a print
  • straw
  • glitters
  • canvas
  • stickers
  • torn paper shreds

As you can see, you can make the artwork of your cat even more fun with different materials. Of course, there are many more materials that you can use. Use what you like.

If you like a coloring page, you can use Google images and use the text “coloring cat” to find your favorite one.

Can Cats Paint? How to Let Your Cat Painting

If you paint with your cat, you can follow some basic steps to achieve the final result. It is essential to ensure that you have all the materials that you want to use. Below I explain in steps how cats can paint.

  1. Put all materials together
  2. Put your cat temporarily in another room. Can you prepare everything quietly
  3. Cut the plastic foil to size. View the size of the paper and make sure that you can finally double fold the plastic
  4. Place the plastic on the floor and stick the corners with adhesive tape
  5. Place a white A4 paper on the floor. Put different colors of paint on the paper. Make sure that the paint is not applied too thickly
  6. Place the remaining piece of plastic over the paper with paint. Do this slowly and keep the plastic tight
  7. Stick the edges and sides with plastic. The chance is less that paint will come on your floor
  8. Pack your cat’s favorite toy and let the cat in the room
  9. Let the toy several times go over the art so that the cat runs over it.
  10. When the artwork is finished, carefully remove the plastic/foil
  11. Let the artwork dry thoroughly and make sure your cat cannot reach it
  12. Clean up all the stuff
  13. After a few hours, the artwork is dry, and you can do whatever you want with it

Infographic cats can paint

Make a Finished Painting More Creative

To make the artwork more creative and to make something personal, you can still use different materials. For example, you can stick your cat’s hair on the artwork, add a paw print with paint, stick a passport photo or the name of your cat on it. To finish the artwork, you can frame it. It stays neat and safe. Attach a hook to the list, and you can hang it up.

What to Do with the Finished Artwork?

Do you want to give it as a present? For example, for a birthday, graduation, or just like someone. Put a gift box around it and give it as a present. If you have framed the artwork, you can also give it a beautiful place in your home. My cat’s artwork is in her room. You can also choose to sell it. Maybe more people want a work of art from your cat. Taking pictures of the artwork and sharing it on social media is also an option. I took pictures of my cat and her artwork and placed them on Pinterest.

How to Teach a Cat to Paint?

How do I learn a cat to paint? Is that possible? You may wonder if a cat will paint itself. Does a cat have the motivation and the ability to start painting instead of taking a nap? I did not manage to teach the cat. However, with tools such as toys or candies, you can let your cat run over the artwork and, in this way, ensure that the paint is spread.

I have noticed that the more I go to paint with my cat, the more she gets used to it. In the beginning, she found the plastic, the paper with paint, and the need to walk over the work of art not very nice. Now after a few times, it seems like she knows what to do and let it all happen. She seems to enjoy it. However, that will mainly come through the sweets and play with her favorite toy. She is finally proud to pose next to her artwork for a photograph.

My Cat Can Paint Video

Many people do not know how to let their cat painting. However, cats can paint well. In this video, you can see how my cat is painting.


Cats can paint. Only they will never be able to do this independently. Anyone with a cat can learn how to paint with his cat. Follow the steps, and before you know, you have made something beautiful. With the stuff, you can create beautiful artwork together with your cat. You can keep it very standard or make it more creative by using extra stuff. You can choose to give your cat’s artwork as a gift, put it in a beautiful spot in your house or sell it.

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Have fun painting with your cat! Also, when you know someone who probably wants to paint with his cat, feel free to share this post. Additionally, does your cat like to paint?

Cat with artwork

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