Cat Calming Treats for in the Car

Cat calming treats for in the car

Cat treats, calm, and drive; it’s all possible together with cat calming treats for in the car. People love special treats, and cats are no exception. Cat treats can be used for different things. For example, taking medicine, hiding the medication, distraction, reassurance, hairball treats, or as food to tempt a sick cat to eat. There are many different cat treats.
Also, because you can use them for different things, there is a matching treat for every ‘problem’ or moment. Because my cat is sometimes afraid in the car and loves treats, I started to research things. In particular, tips to calm your cat, which cat calming treats you can use for that, and which sweets are my cat’s favorite

Car Driving with Cat

In my last post, I have been talking about how to keep your cat cool in the car. Most cats are not particularly happy travelers. Traveling in the car can be traumatic for cats. Most cats never or rarely travel in the car. A cat is often firmly attached to its territory and feels very attackable in a different unknown environment. Making a car trip with your cat can be a pleasant experience for both, however, with sufficient planning and the correct safety equipment. There seems to be no doubt that cats dislike car trips. But with the right preparations, suitable equipment, and empathy in your cat, you can easily travel by car as a person and cat.

You can not start early enough with the preparations for traveling with a cat. From the day the cat goes home with you for the first time, you can begin preparing for future trips. If you buy a cat and drive home, that is the first car experience for your cat. A big part of helping your cat to enjoy car trips is getting used to the experience. If it is a kitten, it can get used to new experiences more easily. Take your kitten once in a while with you with a short car ride. The chance that it will grow up without being afraid of car journeys is smaller than if you do not. Your cat may never become a big fan of car rides; it will be better with it.

Travel Stress

If you travel as a human being, it may be that you have stress. This may be because you will make a long journey, have to hurry, have an important appointment or have to think about many things. A cat does not have this, but it can have stress. People know what to expect; cats do not. If you have stress, you can search for distractions by eating, watching TV, listening to music, or talking to other people. Because you are distracted from the stress, you become calmer again.
Cats do not deal well with change. Even subtle changes in a cat’s environment can lead to stress. Most cats don’t travel by car very often. The most common car trip is usually to the vet. That event causes enough anxiety by itself. You can learn a cat how to handle changes, traveling, and additional stress by practicing a lot.

Cat is hiding

Calm down Your Cat with Traveling by Car

Everyone can become car sick, even cats. Most cats can overcome motion sickness by allowing them to get used to many short, boring car trips as a kitten. Gradually the cat gets used to spending time in the car. Make sure your cat is already familiar with the travel basket. For example, let it stay in the living room for a few days; your cat can watch it quietly and lie in it if desired. Make sure there is a soft pillow or plaid in the travel basket. This pillow or plaid gives your cat a comfortable feeling, and your cat lies softer on a pillow. For example, you can use your favorite one.

If possible, you can put the travel basket close to you in the car. You can make eye contact, and the cat knows that it is not alone. A cat can get fear of the unknown and because it is limited to a small space. Also, a moving car that makes sound together with many new smells and sounds can cause stress. If you are going to travel with several people, you can choose to sit together in the back seat. Let your cat in the travel basket.

Tips to Calm down Your Cat

Talking to your cat is important. When you talk to your cat, it gets distracted from the stress, and it calms down. Use a soft voice and speak calmly. Do not make ‘shhtt sounds.’ In our people’s experience, it is soothing, but cats think we are blowing. So that is a sign of fear. My cat always likes it when I talk to her in the car. Then she stops meowing and looks around. Eye contact also helps well.
Touching can most calm a cat. If possible, insert your fingers through the grids in the cage of the pet. You can also let the cat rub the head all over the fingers. Who does not like to cuddle? It relaxes and gives a soothing feeling. Your cat gets a little stress-free.

Another tip is to spray Feliway classic spray in the travel basket 15 minutes Feliway travel spraybefore departure. Feliway travel spray has been proven to help reduce signs of fear of travel, such as meowing, salivate or reduce unrest.

For the longer car trips, you can also use anti-travel sickness medication. This medication is to calm the stomach and to calm a troubled cat. Most drugs used to prevent motion sickness are very safe antihistamines, and many cats will eventually travel without medical assistance.

What Are Cat Treats?

The shops are full of it: cat treats. We like to reward and spoil our cats. Cat snacks can serve as a reward, occupation, or as a new diet. This way, your cat maintains its healthy natural life force. You have cat treats in different shapes, flavors, brands, and for various functions. You have cat treats with vitamins, sweets for the teeth, sweets for anti-hairballs, treats for joint pain, anti-flea sweets, and cat treats for cats with bladder problems. For every ” problem ” you can buy cat treats. You can only wonder how good it is and if it works.

Giving cat treats has its advantages and disadvantages. I am certainly going to research this. However, in summary, you can make most cats happy with cat treats, and they like it. My cat prefers to eat cat treats the whole day. When I open the closet door, where the bag of sweets is, she comes running and waits until she gets something. Of course, this is not possible every time; she would now be overweight and would not want to eat any other food. My cat knows it is not a party every time, but she is always happy when she gets a few cat treats.

Cat Calming Treats for in the in CarCat treats infographic

To reassure, reward or distract your cat, you can regularly give treats or a few pieces chunks in the travel basket, car, house, or anywhere else. You have many different treats for cats. The treats below have natural ingredients that can give a calming effect on the cat. These treats can also be like cat calming treats for in the car. Cats are more stressed when they travel by car. If you give your cat a few treats before departure and on the way, your cat is probably calmer, gets attention, and the treats provide a calming effect to your cat.

Cat Calming Treats

  • Bio food relaxes, is soothing and calming. A tasty, healthy, and soothing candy that can use for dogs and cats. With amino acids, vitamins (A, B, D, and E), minerals, valerian, passionflower, and a specially developed herbal mix (anti-stress). The herb mix positively influences serotonin metabolism, and it provides a soothing and calming effect. The extra added seaweed and herbs contain many intestinal and skin-supporting ingredients. Healthy for skin and coat.
  • Catnip Matatabi sticks. Cats in stressful situations have benefited from the natural Matatabi sticks. The sticks are handy for cats who experience many stressful circumstances such as moving house, asylum, traveling, veterinarian, etcetera. It is striking that stressed cats will pick up the sticks automatically. In contrast, quiet and relaxed cats will leave them earlier and not pay any attention to them. The cat gets distraction and calmness with Matatabi. Cats play with the baton, they chew on it, and if it is to a large extent “up,” it is bitten to pieces. After playing, the cat is calmer, the pupil reduces, and the cat goes to sleep for about half an hour.
  • Prince stress tablets for dogs and cats is a remedy that helps reduce stress during stressful situations and is suitable for dogs and cats. They are tablets and developed with natural herbs. The balanced composition, including Siberian ginseng, helps your cat to endure new situations. It can make the vet visit, the car ride, or the fireworks less stressful.
  • Beaphar no stress tablets. Are soothing tablets for dogs and cats. The tablets are suitable for troubled dogs and cats. For example in case of a thunderstorm, alarm, travel or veterinary visit. It is a natural product and does not dissuade. This fantastic calming support formula will help your cat deal with issues effectively, like separation anxiety, panic attacks or restlessness at nights. The soothing ingredients of these calming treats are also perfect for traveling, visiting the vet, having guests over or during thunderstorms and firework shows, the soothing ingredients of these calming treats are perfect for taking its fear away. This powerful all natural organic blend includes valerian root and chamomile, known for their soothing and relaxing properties. It is further enriched with Turmeric Powder, Vitamin E, B12, and A.
  • Vet classics stress away tablets. Natural treats help support the nervous system in reducing stress and tension and to support relaxation. It helps good for new environments, travel, fireworks, thunderstorms, separation anxiety, and introducing a new family pet. Veterinarian formulated and natural calming effect.

Cat eats food

Cat Treats for in the Car

If you prefer not to give your cat treats that have a calming effect, you can of course also go for the regular cat treats. These are treats that do not have any special ingredients or additions. These treats can give as a reward, distraction or to reassure your cat. If my cat has to come along, I put a few candies in the travel box. Usually, she runs in the travel box herself, but with a few treats in it, this motivates extra. Once she is in the car, I give her other treats. If she is restless on the way and the travel box is close by, I will provide her with some treats. I notice that she is distracted for a moment, likes it and she feels that she is not alone.

My Cat Favorites

My cat likes many cat treats. If she can indicate her preference, she does have favorites. When I pick up a treats bag, she immediately comes to me. I only have to put the sweets in a bowl, put them on the floor or give them to her, and she eats them.

Catisfactions: now I have the yellow mix bag at home, with salmon and cheese flavor, but I also bought other flavors. These treats are ideal for cat owners who want to give their cats a tasty and sensible snack. Catisfactions contain less than two kilocalories per piece and can be given at any time of the day. Without artificial flavors. Nutritional advice from Catisfaction: give your cat up to 20 treats per day.

Feline & Friends fish bites are a crunchy treat for your cat with the taste of salmon. With omega-three fatty acids, vitamin A, D3 & E. No added sugar. I saw these sweets a while ago in a department store. My cat had never had it before, so I thought, let’s give it a try. The packaging is a cardboard box containing a plastic bag with sweets. The sweets are slightly larger than average. Chunks sized in the shape of a fish. My cat likes it. I always give these candy a little less because they are big.

DM Dein Bestes Katzengras: A few weeks ago I was in Germany. In a department store, I saw these sweets in the animal department. These are cat sweets with the taste of cat grass. They are small square candies without added sugar, without added dyes, without flavoring, and without the addition of preservatives. Veterinarians develop it. My cat loves it. This is her favorite, and I think it’s because of the cat grass.

Carrefour Snacks with salmon: Stuffed square cat sweets with salmon. Essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 for healthy skin and a shiny, silky coat. Recommended daily allowance for an adult cat is 4 to 8 candies each day. This bag of sweets has been given to my cat because another cat does not like it. My cat loves them, and I give them weekly for the change of sweets.

Freija catsticks with salmon: Treat your cat every day to a culinary masterpiece from the cat kitchen of Freija. Tasty, attractively priced, and also focused on what your cat needs. The sticks are suitable for adult cats. It softens the coat. Each loose cat stick is 5 grams — vitamins and minerals to support all-around general health. Taurine supports a healthy heart and eyes. These delicious cat sticks with salmon are a real treat for your cat. A feeding guide is one piece per day, depending on your cat’s age, breed, activity, and size. The sticks are on a strip of in total ten loose packages. By tearing along the strip, you can take a bag from it. The sticks are long. I always break the stick into a few pieces so that my cat can eat it more easily. However, of course, this is not necessary. This is different for every cat.

Cat calming treats for in the car


Remember that one of the most important things you can do to minimize stress in your cat is to keep your stress level down. A big part of helping your cat to enjoy car trips is getting used to the experience. There are enough tips to calm down your cat. From the tips you can choose which suit and help you. You can use calming cat treats in the car. There are calming treats and traditional treats. Both can use while traveling. Cat snacks can serve as a reward, occupation, or as a new diet.

Maybe if your cat has much stress or is quickly sensitive to sounds or changes, the post about music for cats is interesting. Music has many benefits.

I hope your cat does not mind traveling by car and likes sweets. Also, when you know someone who has cats and must also read this post, feel free to share this post. Additionally, what are the favorite sweets of your cat, and have you ever given them while driving?

By Marleen

Marleen is a truly madly deeply cat lover and founder of That Is for My Cat. She wants to share her knowledge about cats with other people who like to know more about cats.

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