Do Cats Miss Their Owner When Their Owner is Away?

Some people believe that their cat does miss them when he/she is away from their cat. However, some people think that cats can’t miss their owners. Some people believe that their cat misses their owner only under certain circumstances, such as when the cat is hungry.

Can Cats Eat Yogurt?

My parents’ cats love yogurt. My cats Mylas and Zayra do not find yogurt interesting and tasty. When the cats of my parents see the packaging with yogurt, they already start to meow. If there is a bowl of yogurt on the table, the cats would like to eat it, whether this is allowed or… Continue reading Can Cats Eat Yogurt?

Do Cats like Kisses?

Everyone shows love and affection in different ways to cats. We love our cats, so of course, we want to shower them with affection. Many people show their cat love by kissing them, and people can’t resist kissing their cat, but what do cats think about it? Cats have different ways to show their affection.… Continue reading Do Cats like Kisses?

Why Do Cats Snoring?

If you have ever had a cat, then you know that they purr, but you also knew that cats could snore. Snoring in cats is less common than it is in dogs. If your cat is sleeping sweetly, your cat can make snoring noises. This snoring can take a while, but it can also happen… Continue reading Why Do Cats Snoring?

Can cats mourn?

Cat lovers find it heartwarming when one looks at them with sweet and expectant eyes. Those feline looks can melt some people’s hearts. However, after the loss of a dog, cat, or owner, those heart-warming eyes can turn into sad eyes. Can cats mourn? A cat who loses a buddy can be quite upset. That… Continue reading Can cats mourn?

What Does the Position and Movement of a Cat Tail Meaning?

A well-known biologist once said: “Dogs speak German, but cats speak French.” By this, he meant that cats have a subtle language. A dog clearly shows how it feels and what it thinks of something. A dog does this by growling, barking, jumping, playing, or wagging. A cat does this in a much more subtle… Continue reading What Does the Position and Movement of a Cat Tail Meaning?