Why Do Cats Knead Things With Their Paws?

Why Do Cats Knead Things

Why Do Cats Knead Things? Cats have the habit of kneading their favorite objects or parts of your body with their paws. If it happens, don’t push your cat away, because that way they show that they feel at ease. People with a cat must have noticed that cats are sometimes kneading or caress certain objects or body parts. They not only do that for pleasure, but they also want to say something with it.

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Why Does a Cat Chew on Plastic?

why does a cat chew on plastic

Does your cat do everything it can to get ahold of your plastic grocery bags? Do you have to lock up packaging, garbage bags, dry-cleaning bags, straws, cups, and all other plastic items in your home, so your cat doesn’t chew on them? Do you find tiny cat-tooth marks in your sandwich baggies?

Some cats are just like puppies and enjoy chewing on objects. If you have a cat that chews on, loves to lick or eat plastic, you’re not the only one. While plastic bags may seem like a strange choice for cats. But from a cat’s point of view, they find it very attractive. Cats that loves plastic are in the minority, but many cats find plastic interesting. So why does a cat chew on plastic? In this post you can learn more about why does a cat chew on plastic?

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Why Do All Cats Whining for Food?

Why do all cats whining for food

Does your cat whine for food? Is cat whining just an attention-seeking cat behavior or is your cat trying to tell you that is hungry? Why do all cats whining for food? It is probably familiar to most cat owners. They are whining, asking for attention and meowing continuously. With my cats, it is striking that they often ask for food at set times. As if they know it’s almost time for a cat treat or a supper. Even when they have just finished their breakfast, they run down to see if there is more breakfast there. Also, when I eat yogurt, the cats pay close attention to that.

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Can Cats Get a Jet Lag?

Can cats get a jet lag?

Cat jet lag. Briefly summarized cats and a jet lag. Many people take their cat on a trip; this can be by car, plane or perhaps by bus. If you travel as a person and have to deal with different time differences you can get jet lag. However, what if you take your cat or several cats on a trip? Do they also have symptoms of a jet lag?

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Why Do Cats Meow?

why cats meow

As a little child, you already learn that ” meow ” is the sound that a cat makes. This cat sound can mean several things. The distinctive “meow” is not just a normal cat sound. It is a surprising and unique way of communicating. You can learn a lot about your cat if you pay much attention to the way of meowing.

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Can Cats Dream When They Sleep?

can cats dream

Cute, funny and sweet. Cats are real sleeping heads! Cats are probably sleeping and dreaming just like us. You probably know those images of cats that are sleeping in the sun or front of a fireplace. Sometimes you can see that their eyes are blinking while sleeping, sticking out the tongue or having convulsions. If you look at your cat, you have probably wondered about can cats dream?

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Can I Take My Cat in a Plane Cabin as Hand Luggage?

Can I take my cat in a plane cabin as hand luggage?

Is that allowed? Can I take my cat in a plane cabin as hand luggage? As a real cats owner, you naturally want to take your cat everywhere. Usually, you can reach the places by car but what if you go by plane? Many other people and I like to travel with their cat. When I go on vacation, I love to go by plane. Are you allowed to carry your cat as hand luggage? That would, of course, be very nice and easy. I have investigated whether it is possible and what you should all think about it. Continue reading “Can I Take My Cat in a Plane Cabin as Hand Luggage?”