Do Cats like Kisses?

Do cats like kisses

Everyone shows love and affection in different ways to cats. We love our cats, so of course, we want to shower them with affection. Many people show their cat love by kissing them, and people can’t resist kissing their cat, but what do cats think about it? Cats have different ways to show their affection. So you can ask yourself the question: Do cats like kisses?

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Why Do Cats Snoring?

Cat snoring

If you have ever had a cat, then you know that they purr, but you also knew that cats could snore. Snoring in cats is less common than it is in dogs. If your cat is sleeping sweetly, your cat can make snoring noises. This snoring can take a while, but it can also happen that your cat snores all night long.

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Can cats mourn?

do cats mourn

Cat lovers find it heartwarming when one looks at them with sweet and expectant eyes. Those feline looks can melt some people’s hearts. However, after the loss of a dog, cat, or owner, those heart-warming eyes can turn into sad eyes. Can cats mourn? A cat who loses a buddy can be quite upset. That can even happen if they did not like each other. There are also sad stories about cats who get sick when their owner dies.

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Why Do Cats Hide (Cover) Their Face When They Sleep?

Why Do Cats Hide Their Face When They Sleep?

When you look at your purring cat, it always seems like that sleeping is easy. Cats can sleep in many places, even in crazy places. When a cat sleeps, it still looks cute. However, if you have observed your cat more often while sleeping, you may have noticed something. Cats hide (cover) their face when they sleep. This sleeping position is one of the behaviors that virtually all cats do.

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How to Get a Cat in a Carrier?

cat is laying in carrier

A cat carrier is mostly not your cat’s best friend. Cats may try anything and everything to avoid getting in the carrier. It can be very difficult when your cat using the claws and teeth when you try to put your cat in the carrier.

Getting your cat in a carrier can be very challenging. But some following guidelines will make it easier. You get your cat in a carrier if your cat is not afraid of it. Introduce the cat carrier and make it familiar, pleasant en secure for your cat. If you let your cat get positively used to the carrier from the start, you avoid many problems.

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What Does the Position and Movement of a Cat Tail Meaning?

cat tail

A well-known biologist once said: “Dogs speak German, but cats speak French.” By this, he meant that cats have a subtle language. A dog clearly shows how it feels and what it thinks of something. A dog does this by growling, barking, jumping, playing, or wagging. A cat does this in a much more subtle way. To understand cats, you have to do your best. In this post, you can read about what a cat tail meaning, how a cat communicates, and how it mainly communicates with its tail.

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Why Do Cats Knead Things With Their Paws?

Why Do Cats Knead Things

Why Do Cats Knead Things? Cats have the habit of kneading their favorite objects or parts of your body with their paws. If it happens, don’t push your cat away, because that way they show that they feel at ease. People with a cat must have noticed that cats are sometimes kneading or caress certain objects or body parts. They not only do that for pleasure, but they also want to say something with it.

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Why Does a Cat Chew on Plastic?

why does a cat chew on plastic

Does your cat do everything it can to get ahold of your plastic grocery bags? Do you have to lock up packaging, garbage bags, dry-cleaning bags, straws, cups, and all other plastic items in your home, so your cat doesn’t chew on them? Do you find tiny cat-tooth marks in your sandwich baggies?

Some cats are just like puppies and enjoy chewing on objects. If you have a cat that chews on, loves to lick or eat plastic, you’re not the only one. While plastic bags may seem like a strange choice for cats. But from a cat’s point of view, they find it very attractive. Cats that loves plastic are in the minority, but many cats find plastic interesting. So why does a cat chew on plastic? In this post you can learn more about why does a cat chew on plastic?

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Why Do All Cats Whining for Food?

Why do all cats whining for food

Does your cat whine for food? Is cat whining just an attention-seeking cat behavior or is your cat trying to tell you that is hungry? Why do all cats whining for food? It is probably familiar to most cat owners. They are whining, asking for attention and meowing continuously. With my cats, it is striking that they often ask for food at set times. As if they know it’s almost time for a cat treat or a supper. Even when they have just finished their breakfast, they run down to see if there is more breakfast there. Also, when I eat yogurt, the cats pay close attention to that.

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