Can Cats Get Jet Lag?

Cat jet lag. Briefly summarized cats and jet lag. Many people take their cat on a trip; this can be by car, plane or perhaps by bus. If you travel as a person and have to deal with different time differences, you can get jet lag. However, what if you take your cat or several… Continue reading Can Cats Get Jet Lag?

Why Do Cats Meow?

As a little child, you already learn that ” meow ” is the sound that a cat makes. This cat sound can mean several things. The distinctive “meow” is not just a normal cat sound. It is a surprising and unique way of communicating. You can learn a lot about your cat if you pay… Continue reading Why Do Cats Meow?

Can Cats Do Yoga?

In general, you do not hear and read a lot about cats and yoga. Of course, people talk about the subject of yoga. Many people do yoga. However, what if a cat can do yoga? Doing yoga with your cat can maybe even more fun and enjoyable.