What Does the Position and Movement of a Cat Tail Meaning?

A well-known biologist once said: “Dogs speak German, but cats speak French.” By this, he meant that cats have a subtle language. A dog clearly shows how it feels and what it thinks of something. A dog does this by growling, barking, jumping, playing, or wagging. A cat does this in a much more subtle… Continue reading What Does the Position and Movement of a Cat Tail Meaning?

Can Cats Get Jet Lag?

When we travel, we often bring our beloved cats along by car, plane, or bus. But did you know cats can also experience jet lag, just like humans? While cats are generally better at handling time differences, they can still show specific symptoms. In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of cat jet lag,… Continue reading Can Cats Get Jet Lag?

Why Do Cats Sleep in Unusual Places?

Cats have a knack for snoozing in the most unexpected places. Sinks, closets, under pillows – you name it. But why? What drives our feline friends to these odd napping hideaways?

Why Do Cats Meow?

As a little child, you already learn that ” meow ” is the sound that a cat makes. This cat sound can mean several things. The distinctive “meow” is not just a normal cat sound. It is a surprising and unique way of communicating. You can learn a lot about your cat if you pay… Continue reading Why Do Cats Meow?