Safe and Healthy Fruit for Cats

Fruit for cats

Fruit for cats. At the pet store and online, you can find a world of cat snacks. However, sometimes a cat finds that what you eat is much more interesting. And say well: eating together is also much more enjoyable?

If you have a cat, you have probably wondered what a cat might eat. Imagine: you accidentally left fruit pieces on the table, and your cat eats it, is this bad? You would like to know if this is harmful or not. Can a cat eat fruit? And if so, how much and often can your cat eat it. Also, what about fruit and kittens? All questions about fruit and cats. In this blog, I am going to answer this all. In the end, you know if your cat can eat fruit.
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Can Cats Paint?

Cats can painting

Cats can paint well, but many people do not know that cats can paint. Anyone with a cat can learn how to paint with his cat. If you look at Google, you come across different cat paintings. Everything you need for painting with your cat can be learning here. Think of the approach, requirements, and tips.
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How to Keep Your Cat Cool in the Car

How to keep your cat cool in the car

What if you have to go somewhere with your cat on a hot day. Traveling in a warm car, that could be a short ride to the vet but also a longer trip to a family member. Because you can not leave the cat alone for so long, you decide to take it with you. However, making sure that the trip is pleasant for yourself can sometimes be difficult, especially for yourself and the cat.

To keep your cat cool in the car you have to make some preparations. It starts before you even get inside the car. The preparations start inside your house. Before you take your cat out, you will want to make sure your cat is properly preparing for the trip. Start your car and immediately turn on the air conditioner. If it is cold in the car, then you can put your cat in it.

In this post, I answer the question how to keep your cat cool in the car, how cats deal with heat, how you can prepare for a car ride on a hot day and what stuff you should take with you.
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Why Do Cats Lick and Groom Themselves?

Cat lick and groom themselves

Cats are known for licking and cleaning themselves. Sometimes a cat licks excessively; sometimes a cat almost does not lick anymore. Why do cats lick and groom themselves?

When it comes to personal hygiene, cats are the example of cleanliness. Cats are equipped with the necessities to take care of themselves: a tongue with ridges to lick, front legs that they moisten with saliva and use teeth to clean deeper spots. Licking is a social activity that serves to strengthen the bond between cats.

In this blog, it is about the licking behavior of the cat. How does this behavior develop, what is the function, under which circumstances are it showed and when is licking a deviant behavior by your cat?

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How to Litter Train a Cat or Kitten

How to litter train a cat

How to litter train a cat or kitten? If you take a cat/kitten into your home, giving a litter box training is very important if you want to avoid many problems. Fortunately, the cat is a smart animal and almost uses the litter box on its own. There are things that you have to take into account. In this article, I explain how a cat can become litter box trained, how you can practice this, tips for the training, the necessities and what to do when the litter box training does not work.

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How Do I Choose a Kitten or Cat

How to choose a kitten?

Choose a kitten or cat? You have decided to buy a kitten. However, where do you start? Nowadays kittens are offered everywhere, especially on the internet. But is it wise to buy a kitten on the internet? Alternatively, maybe you better go to the animal shelter? Which variety is suitable and which care is involved? All points to think about it? In this blog, you read what to think about when you are buying a kitten, what to look for when purchasing, how to choose a breed, and how can you see if a kitten is healthy?

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Should I Adopt (Take) a Kitten? Pros and Cons

Should I take a kitten - 5 kittens

Do you recognize that? You are computing, reading a magazine, watching television, or looking for images? Everywhere you look, you see pictures of cute little kittens. They all seem equally lovely. One has long hair, and the other has a cute name or a big spot around the eye. However, often, when the kittens are little, they all seem equally sweet. But would you take a kitten?

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