Top 5 Luxury Cat Scratching Trees

top cat scratching trees

Cats can’t seem to get enough of clawing on something, bee it a tree trunk, a side of your sofa/couch, wall, or even a carpet. Scratching can be a real concern, especially for those who don’t understand the reason why kittens and cats love doing it. Instead of punishing your cat for scratching on your furniture, you can buy a luxury cat scratching tree for your cat. At this time, there are a lot of choices: from cheap to expensive, from ugly to luxurious. For every cat, there is a luxury cat scratching tree.

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Cat Litter Disposal System

Cat Litter Disposal System

There are standard cat litter boxes, self-cleaning litter boxes, and luxury cat litter boxes. But these litter boxes all have one similarity: you have to clean the litter box once in a while. But where do you leave the ”good-smelling” waste from the litter box? Now there is a Cat Litter Disposal System. This is a garbage bin for cat litter. You can read more about this in this post.

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Top 3 Safe Laser Pointers for Cats

top safe laser pointers cats

In stores and on the internet, you can find a lot of different cat laser pointers. You can buy them in a pet store, department store, toy store, etc. There are also a lot of varying cat laser pointers. The two most famous is an electric/automatic and one that you must operate yourself. But because there are so many choices, it can be not very easy to choose a good and safe laser pointer for cats.

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Best Active Apps for Cats Android iOS

best active apps cats

Cats are great, and they love to play. However, sometimes you have many cat toys at home; it can happen that your cat is playing with no toy. My youngest kitten Mylas is often very obsessed with looking at the screen of my mobile or laptop. He finds the pointer or moving images particularly interesting.

A few months ago, I found some best active apps for cats. I put a few on my Ipad. Most people will agree that the idea of letting my cats play with my precious iPad is a little crazy because my cats have enough toys that do not cost hundreds of euros.

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Top 20 Cat Food Bowls and Dishes

cat food bowls

Cat food bowls and dishes. A cat bowl for your cat. It exists. When it comes to feeding a cat, the environment can be just as important as the food itself, especially if your cat is very fussy! There are a lot of different types of cat food bowls, such as traditional plastic, metal, and ceramic cat food bowls. There are also new cat food dispensers that can be ideal if you are often out at feeding time.

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Top 10 Nice Cat Sweaters

nice cat sweaters

It is colder outside when it is autumn and winter; then your cat has it also cold. Treat your cat with a nice sweater. There are a lot of nice trendy cat sweaters with lovely winter motifs and prints. For my cat Zayra I have bought two sweaters for her. She is very happy with this warm and nice sweater.

Cat sweaters have a pleasant wearing comfort and keep your cat warm during the cold days. Cats with fur without undercoat, small cats, or older cats should provide extra protection against hypothermia. A sweater for your cat is, of course, also very stylish and fun. You can give your cat a unique style with a sweater or match it with your sweater.

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How Can I Recycle Cat Hair?

recycle cat hair

Recycle cat hair? If you think of cats, you might also think of cat hair. These hairs can be found anywhere in the house. Cat hair is something that belongs to your pet and what you probably do not like at home.

The coat of the cat keeps it nice and warm. A hair consists of the same substance (keratin) that your nails of consists. The fur of a cat consists of a layer of fine hairs (undercoat) with on top of that a layer of firmer hairs. Between the two layers of hair, there is a thin layer of air that can hold warmth. It is this layer of air that makes the coat work like a thermos. The coat is therefore essential for a cat.

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