Can Cats Do Yoga?

cats do yoga

In general, you do not hear and read a lot about cats and yoga. Of course, people talk about the subject of yoga. Many people do yoga. However, what if a cat can do yoga? Doing yoga with your cat can maybe even more fun and enjoyable.

Cats can certainly do yoga. Cats are very flexible. They can turn the front of their body half a turn relative to their abdomen. Yoga is a way for people and animals to keep both the body and the mind fit.

In this blog post, you can read more about why yoga is so good, yoga for cats, and acquired yoga poses for you and your cat. Also, you can read about what to do when your cat steals your yoga mat and what to do when your cat does not want to join your yoga session.

Can Cats Do Yoga?

Maybe you’ve already noticed in the media lately: yoga with animals. This new yoga trend with cats, dogs, goats, and even horses seems to have significant benefits.

My cats Zayra and Mylas are natural yogis. They are always present at the moment, calm in spirit, and effortlessly bring their bodies into the most complicated yoga postures. Cats are very flexible, and that comes throughout their spine. As with humans, the vertebrae are separating by fibrous slices, which act as shock absorbers. Cats can bend their backs in a variety of different ways and stretch them out.

A cat has a long tail that he uses to stay in balance and for social communication. The musculoskeletal system is extremely flexible with a flexible spine, which makes cats very agile. Cats can turn their body in a fall and end up on their feet.

You can learn what it is like to live without stress through yoga and other courses, just like a cat. A cat has almost no problems: a full head, a tense body, pressure due to deadlines, quarrels, or heartbreaks. A cat does not suffer from anything at all. They live a relaxed cat’s life.

Pets Reduce Stress

Animals contribute to the physical and mental health of people. Purring cats make cuddling extra fun, but it also has real health benefits. The sound is calming and lets you relax. Your body also produces hormones through the touch that lower your heart rate and blood pressure. At the touch of an animal, your body produces the cuddly hormone oxytocin so that you relax naturally.

Petting and touching an animal gives people a sense of security, intimacy, and continuity. Animals distract you from everyday worries, making it easier to enjoy the moment. So pets reduce stress. Of course, that does not only work with cats. People with pets appear to have a lower heart rate even while at rest and therefore perform better. Research also showed that people with pets go to the doctor less often.

Combine cuddling and touching your cat with the relaxation and relaxation of yoga, and you lose stress.

Cat Steals Your Yoga Mat

Cats steal your yoga mat, especially by the smell that hangs from it. So that is the smell of yourself. During a good yoga session, you can sweat a lot. You do not usually smell sweat yourself, but it does transmit a smell in contact with your skin. Meanwhile, you roll over the yoga mat while pushing a sweaty body over the mat to take a pose. It is precisely your sweaty smell that cats love so much.

The most straightforward reason cats love yoga mats so much is the same as for people: yoga mats are comfortable and do not slip away. That cats like to lie on yoga mats is logical from another point. They can put their nails well on the yoga mat. Also, most cats are curious about every new potential sleeping place. Is your cat now also on your brand-new fresh-smelling yoga mats?

The best solution for cats who love yoga mats is to involve your cat in your yoga. So the next time your cat stretches on your yoga mat, it’s time for a cat yoga session.

cats do yoga

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is more than just extending, stretching, and sitting still: a complete philosophy of life is behind it. The word ‘yoga’ derives from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means ‘connection.’ It is about the connection between body and mind.

Yoga is a philosophy and a way of life and a practice method that is about connecting and balancing all layers of our existence that seem to be opposite (body and mind, outside and inside, tension and relaxation, etcetera.)

Through this connection and balance, we have ultimately come to a natural state of being. Life can be experienced in its wholeness. Yoga consists of more than yoga poses but also awareness and relaxation.

Benefits of yoga?

It is precisely in the 21st century where we live now that yoga is an excellent way to allow relaxation. Yoga teaches us to balance body and mind and the spirit and consciousness together. The exercises (Asanas) give strength and energy and provide a very nice feeling of relaxation. Because of a life full of stress, you cannot last long. Below are some benefits of yoga.

  • Yoga is good for your weight control
  • It improves your condition
  • It promotes blood circulation
  • Relieves pain (for example back and neck complaints)
  • Improves your immunity
  • Improves breathing (you breathe slower and deeper)

As you can see, doing yoga has many advantages. The points of advantages above are only a few from long lists with many benefits.

Together with Your Cat a Yoga Session

Doing yoga together helps reduce your cat’s stress level. Cats Doing yoga together helps reduce your cat’s stress level. Cats respond to your energy. If you are feeling stress, then your cat also feels stress. Yoga helps relax your body and mind. Doing yoga will also help relax your cat.

Cat yoga strengthens the bond between you and your cat. You strengthen the connection and time with your cat. During yoga, you are not only petting, touching, massaging your cat, but you are both sharing a calming, relaxing activity.

Doing yoga with your cat can help you to become closer. Because you are touching your cat and spending time with your cat, doing yoga can help to build trust between you and your cat. Yoga with your cat can also help your cat get used to being touched, which can help with a surface health check-up and other grooming tasks.

Understand your cat limit. Doing yoga with your cat won’t be the same as doing yoga with your friend. Your cat can’t do complicated poses. While there are much yoga poses with your cat, they are geared specifically for cats.

Don’t let your cat doing traditional yoga poses. Make sure that you are doing only yoga poses designed for cats or knowing that your cat can perform that exercise.

My Cat Does Not Want to Join

cats do yoga

What if you have planned a yoga session with your cat and do not want to join? Alternatively, just the opposite, you are only doing a yoga session, and your cat suddenly comes to demand attention? Both problems occur regularly at home here.

My cat Zayra has her own will and decides for herself when she does or does not feel like it. The kitten Mylas would like to participate but is still too young and busy to concentrate and sit still. He still sees the yoga mat as a playground. He needs to learn this. Hopefully, over the months, he will also look at the benefits of yoga.

If your cat isn’t exactly joining, don’t worry about it. As in a more traditional yoga practice, as long as you come to the mat with an open mind and a sense of humor, you’ll receive some benefits.
Maybe you do not make a big, beautiful shape, but this is an exercise or session that is more about making a connection with your cat and relaxing together. What could be more worthwhile than that?

Acquired Yoga Poses with Your Cat

cats do yoga

There are poses that your cat can do alone with a little help from you. There are also exercises that you can do together, but the role of the cat is paramount. 
Below I have described a few good yoga exercises.

  • Sit on the floor with your legs crossed and start with relaxed breathing. Your cat must be near or sitting on your legs. Start to breathe, focusing on each inhale and exhale. Start thinking about your cat. Focus on your cat’s breathing and how much you love your cat. You can also rest your hands on your cat. You can gently massage your cat if you need help to relax. Sit still for two minutes.
  • This exercise is called Chaturanga. Make sure your cat is lying on his stomach. Smooth and massage his back gently. With this exercise, you relax and your cat probably too.
  • This exercise is the Heart-to-Hound Mundra. With this pose, you make a good connection with your cat. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Make sure your cat is in front of you, and you look at his back, so the cat looks forward. Place a hand on your heart and place the other hand on the heart of your cat. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You can do this exercise for as long as you like, but also look at your cat’s behavior.
  • This exercise is called the do a chair. It is a simple exercise. Let your cat lean back on the hind legs. Hold your cat in the middle of the back. Then help to lift the front legs of your cat. Massage the shoulders of your cat while you lift the legs to stretch the back well.
    Because of this pose the abdominal muscles and forelegs of your cat stretch well. It also helps to strengthen the joints in the hind legs.
    Do this exercise for about 2 minutes. Better do the exercise more often in the week than one time too long.
  • There is no more beautiful exercise then sun salute. Sun salutations help stretch your cat’s muscles and get the body moving. You start in a seated position. Carefully lift your cat’s hind legs towards the ceiling. While you hold the thighs, begin massaging the upper legs with your hands. In this position, try to get your cat to stretch the torso. This pose can help reach the abs and the hips while strengthening the joints of the front paws.
  • So to end the yoga session, you can end up with the Savanna. Lie on your back with your cat on your chest. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Stroke or massage your cat and try to relax in the meantime. The purpose of this pose is to cuddle your cat while you are resting together. Namaste!

Sat Nam

cats do yoga

Many poses that your cat shows in daily life have been learning. If you observe your cat well, you will soon see which postures your cat usually has. Many of the poses in this image are similar to the poses your cat exercises in everyday life.

Think of lying on the back (paws in the air or bent legs), stretching, jumping, hanging on the scratching post, curved back, hollow back, keeping the head crooked, one leg in the air, hanging on the stairs, and so on.

In these picture of yoga cats, you can see several cats who represent yoga exercises. Maybe your cat can do one of these excellent yoga poses.

Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

Simon’s Cat is an animated series featuring the mischievous and often hilarious antics of a fat white cat and his owner Simon. I think this is an excellent movie that explains how your cat can do yoga exercises. Of course, you do not have to take this video too seriously. There are a few exercises that you would instead not want your cat to perform, like stretching in the curtains, hanging on a string of the lamp, or upside-down drinking a glass of water. However, it is nice to see. Enjoy watching.


Cats can certainly do yoga. Cats are very flexible. Cat yoga strengthens the bond between you and your cat. Animals contribute to the physical and mental health of humans. Spinning cats make cuddling extra fun, but it also has real benefits for your health. Yoga has many benefits for yourself and also for your cat. Start today and experience itself.

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Hopefully, you have learned something about cats and yoga. Also, when you know someone who likes to know more about cats and yoga, feel free to share this post.

By Marleen

Marleen is a truly madly deeply cat lover and founder of That Is for My Cat. She wants to share her knowledge about cats with other people who like to know more about cats.