Best Cheap Free Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

best cheap free cat toys for indoor cats

Have you spent enough money on cat toys or have no money for expensive cat toys? Then you can check the best cheap free cat toys for indoor cats list if your cat likes one of the free toys. Your cat needs plenty of loving attention and playtime. You can make this as dynamic and as fun as possible with many amounts of cat toys available online, in pet stores, or those that occur in your home.

The toys for a cat do not always have to cost money. A cat can be just as happy and entertained with a straw as with an expensive playhouse for cats. The best cheap free cat toys for indoor cats are, for example, pens, boxes, bags, straws, plastic caps, earplugs, etcetera.

In this blog, I will talk about the best cheap free cat toys for indoor cats, what toys they are, where you get them and can make them, how you can entertain your cat and whether it’s safe.

Playing Is Healthy

The best cheap free cat toys for indoor cats can take on many forms and colors and be difficult to sort. Some people say that cats are lazy animals who only ever live to eat and sleep. However, cats are curious and playful animals. They love thrill and adventure.
Indoor cats need to get sufficient exercise and stimulation every day to live a long, healthy life. It’s not true that cats do not require as much playtime or attention because they are independent. Your cat needs attention and playtime.

To keep the playing time with your cat fun and cheap, you can also use household items as a toy for your cat. My cat has a weakness for paper balls, giant rubber bands, paper bags, straws, and cardboard boxes. Instead of buying cat toys, you can try these best cheap free cat toys, which are already lying around your house. To buy only expensive toys for your cat, you can also find other cheaper toys to suit your cat.

Cheap Free Toys

There are different kinds of cheap free cat toys. Most of it is already in or around the house. I found out what my cat loves to play with when I lose household items, such as an elastic band, plastic caps, earplugs, or pens. She also likes stuff where you can hide.
When I have a shoebox, bag, or paper bag at home, the cat immediately goes into it. Now that I know the cat likes this toy, I keep it. Because it’s broken once, or it’s lost. Before I let the cat play with it, I check if it is safe, it can not swallow, or the cat can get injured. Because once the cat is playing, it cannot quickly take it away. Not because she cheats, but makes a game of it by walking away with the toy. To let her play with it, I want to be sure that it is safe.

Cat in paper bag

Paper Bag

cat is sitting in paper bagGetting a paper bag is not difficult; you get such a bag with your purchases in many stores. You can also let your cat play with a plastic bag. However, I think that a paper bag is safer, less likely for your cat to suffocate, more economical, makes less noise. You can cut off the handles easily.

If I let my cat play with a paper bag, I’ll make sure I can look at her. When I leave for longer, I put the bag away. Generally, nothing can go wrong if you cut the handles off the bag. If the handle is attached, the cat can get stuck with the head. With my cat, I experienced that. Then you see a wild bag with a cat going through the house. It looks nice, but it is dangerous. Find a paper bag, place it somewhere on the floor, and see if your cat likes it.


A lollipop is a kind of candy that consists of hard sugar melting on a stick. You have lollipops in different types, sizes, and brands. You might not think so quickly that a cat likes to play with a lollipop, but my cat can have hours of fun with it.
She stops the lolly in her mouth, walks away with it, hides it, or plays football with the lolly. Sometimes she sees it as a kind of prey and holds it firmly between her paws. If she plays too enthusiastically with it, the lollipop breaks, especially the stick and the paper.
Your cat can have much fun with one lollipop. However, fortunately, the purchase of a bag of lollipops is not a big investment. Be careful when your cat is playing with a lollipop. Don’t let your cat alone with it.

  cat plays with lollipopcat hides lollipop


A straw is a plastic or paper tube to drink with it. The first straws were used by the Sumerians to drink beer. In the modern era, the straw was patented in Cat with a straw1888 by Marvin Stone. He made a paper tube to replace the previously used straws of a real cane. There are different types of straws.

Most cats like straws very much. The sounds that straws make when they move on a floor are great for many cats. They can entertain themselves for hours by kicking the straw back and forth and chewing on it.
Take care that the cat does not eat the plastic straw, and don’t leave your cat alone with the plastic straw. When I pick up a straw at home, the cat hears that she is ready to take it away and play with it. The straw goes through the whole house. Sometimes she hides the straw under the closet, sofa, or pillow.

Ball of Aluminum Foil

Cat plays with ball of aluminum foilMaking a ball from aluminum foil is very easy and cheap. You take a box with aluminum foil and tear off a piece of the roll. The longer the piece, the bigger the ball becomes. You crumpled the aluminum foil and made it around by compressing it well. Throw the ball on the ground, and your cat can play.

You can make playing with the cat more fun by rolling the ball over the ground, letting the ball roll down from the stairs, or hiding it in a box or bag. If your cat has much energy, you can play football or roll the ball on the ground quickly back and forth between two people. Play fun, guaranteed! The cat runs back and forth to get the ball.

(Shoes) Box

cat in a cardboard box

If you look on the internet, you will see many videos of cats hiding in paper boxes. This shows how happy cats can be with boxes. Guaranteed fun! Please do not throw away the box of your online order or groceries, but keep it for your cat.

It does not matter how big or small the box is. It is important that your cat can sit in the box. My cat likes the bigger boxes that are a bit closed so that she can hide in them. Cardboard boxes are not dangerous. A cat can not suffocate or injure itself, but it is important to check the box occasionally. My youngest cat, Mylas, sometimes likes to act like a dog and bites pieces of cardboard from the box. He does not eat these pieces of cardboard, but the leftovers that he has been biting from the box are lying on the floor.

However, I will recommend putting the box away if you go away for more than a day. Then you know for sure that nothing can happen. And the best part is if the cat has not seen the box for a few days, and you put it back, the fun is doubled again.

Empty Toilet Paper or Kitchen Roll

This cheap free cat toy is easy to make; it is also something you always have at home. It is present in every household.
Sometimes more than one roll per day or week. Just a safety note: make sure you remove the toilet paper so your cat does not accidentally swallow it. An empty toilet paper or kitchen roll is one of the best cheap free cat toys. Because the rolls are making from paper, they do not live long. You can create different toys from the rolls. Like a ball, doll, rings, treat rattle, and much more.


I found out that a cat likes earplugs when I lost them. The earplugs are always on the bedside table. I lost them one morning. When the cat ran very enthusiastically through the house, I wondered if the cat might have stolen them. So what turned out: she had taken the earplugs from the bedside table. It took a while to find and get both earplugs back.

The cat likes the earplugs, but I still do not let her play with them. The earplugs are pretty small, and I’m afraid she swallows them or bites pieces off them. Sometimes she can play with such enthusiasm that she is going to see it as candy.

However, if the bedroom door is open, and she gets the chance, she goes in secretly. She is looking for earplugs. Because she quietly and secretly took it and knows that it is not allowed, then it seems that she likes to play with it, and she sees it all as a game.

Cat plays with earplug


Sometimes a cat has a lot of toys, and variation with something simple is fun. Because the toys cost no money you can use them more often and you do not worry about it breaking down quickly. Your cat needs attention and playtime. To keep playing time with your cat fun and cheap, you can also use household items like a toy for your cat.

Maybe if your cat likes to play hide and seek, then this post may be interesting to read.

I hope your cat likes to play with cheap free cat toys. If you know someone with a cat that maybe wants to play with cheap free cat toys, feel free to share this post. Additionally, what is the favorite toy of your cat?

By Marleen

Marleen is a truly madly deeply cat lover and founder of That Is for My Cat. She wants to share her knowledge about cats with other people who like to know more about cats.

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