How to Cycle with Your Cat

Cycle with your cat

Cycle with your cat can be a good idea. I live in a small country called the Netherlands. Here we cycle a lot. With around 35,000 km of cycle paths, it can rightly say that the Netherlands is a real cycling country. I want to go cycling with my cat and research what is needed and what to think about when taking your cat on a bike.

You can cycle with your cat by putting a basket behind or in front of your bike. Put your cat in the basket and secure it with a strap. Some baskets have a wire cap. You put the wire cap on the basket, and your cat can not jump out. The basket is then closed. A belt is not necessary.

Nothing is more fun than going out with your cat. Can cats ride on the bike? What should you pay attention to, and what do you need? And above all: do your cat like it too? Of course, there are many possibilities to go cycling with your cat. Not only a basket but also bicycle techniques play a role. Other questions also arise in me. How do I protect my cat? Which weather conditions are right? How long can I ride with my cat? In this blog post, you can read all about it.

Different Type of Bikes

There are a lot of different types of bikes. From small to large bikes. From bicycles for children to the elderly. There are also matching bicycles for different kinds of sports. Think of mountain biking, crosses, or BMX. Nowadays the electric bikes are also completely hip and very handy. There are also bicycles for sale in different price ranges. A new bike costs about 300 euros and can go up to a few thousand. However, if you do not have that much money or do not necessarily need a new bike, you can also opt for a second-hand bike.

If you want to go cycling with your cat and already have a bike, you do not have to go directly to the store to buy a new bike. There are some things your bike needs to meet if you want to cycle safely with your cat. Because if you go cycling with your cat, you want both to come back home safely without accidents. Some points are very important and that you should check. Carrying out a small check on your bike does not have to take that much time. So afterward, you know for sure if your bike is still good.

What is a good bike?

Here are a few points that you should check or take into account:

– It must be a standard bike, so not a sports bike
– A sturdy bike with a straight model
– Make sure it has a luggage carrier
– Good working brakes
– The bike must have a sturdy and good steering wheel
– Bicycle lights for when you go cycling in the dark
– A bicycle bell
– Good and inflated tires

If you are not so handy yourself or do not have time to check your bike, you can also have the bike checked by a bicycle repairer. Then you know for sure that you can safely get on the road afterward.

Cat Bike Transport
Cat bike transport

You have different types of transportation with which you can transport your cat. But to keep attention during cycling, there are two different modes of transport that you can use to take your cat with you. Look carefully at the size of your cat when looking for good cat transport. You can measure your cat if you want to know just whether it fits.

Bike trailer

bicycle trailer  (with this link, you can buy it on Amazon), also called a bike trailer, is a trailer to link behind a bicycle and then carry cargo with it. The first bicycle trailers usually consisted of an open frame or open container for transporting goods. Nowadays, bicycle trailers are used as transport, such as children, dogs, and products.

A bike trailer is very suitable for transporting small and medium-sized dog breeds and cats. Most bicycle carts are executing in a super cool model that you can hang behind the bike in no time. You can completely close the cart without blocking the view of your cat. The beautiful thing is that you can change most bike trailers very quickly into a stroller, car seat, or bench for your cat or dog. So you can safely take your cat on long bike rides, a car ride, or a walk. Please note that you buy a sturdy bicycle trailer and one that is weatherproof. Are you going to cycle in the dark? Then make sure there is a light on, for example, with a separate LED light.

Bicycle Basket

A bicycle basket can use for transporting things. A bicycle basket is mostly used for a few groceries and for carrying a small dog or cat. You have bicycle baskets that you can place on the back of both the bike and the front. This way your little friend can go anywhere. A bicycle basket is often mounted on the steering wheel or secured on the luggage carrier’s rear. There are baskets of plastic, fabric, metal mesh, or reed. Do you want to make sure that your cat does not jump out of the basket? Then choose a bicycle basket with a matching wire dome. Put a pillow in the bucket to make the bike ride more comfortable for your cat. On Amazon, I found this bicycle basket. The basket has a durable resin wicker construction lends. The basket also has a removable sunshade. This luxury basket also has a full sheepskin liner that provides superior comfort for your cat. The sheepskin liner is removable and washable.

You also have baskets of fabric that you can not only use as a bicycle basket. This bag can be used as a bicycle basket, outdoor camping, car bag, and hand carrier travel bag.

Teach Your Cat to Sit in the Bicycle Basket or Trailer

You can, of course, choose to take your bike from the shed, take your cat and go cycling. However, if your cat is not used to this, there is a big chance that your cat will not like it. Also, cycling with a meowing and restless cat is not lovely. Not for yourself and the cat. But if you let your cat get used, it will be a lot easier. Before your cat can sit in the bicycle basket or bicycle trailer, it must first get used to it. The best is to do it in small steps. Simply putting your cat in the basket or bicycle trailer is often not appreciated.


Start by getting used to the basket or bicycle trailer on the floor in the living room. Put down the basket/bicycle trailer and place blankets and pillows that smell like the cat. That’s how the new, crazy smell goes off, and your cat is sitting nice and soft. Invite your cat to sit in the basket or bicycle trailer. Only lift it when your cat is not walking away. Otherwise, your cat will resist. To create a positive association with the basket, you can give rewards in the bicycle basket for a while. Alternatively, put your cat in the basket, with something tasty, for example, a chew stick. Reward your cat calmly when it has stepped into the basket by itself.

To get your cat in the bicycle basket, you will have to lift your cat. So always make sure you do this correctly, and your cat is used to this too. If your cat does not like to be lifting, you can also practice this first. The best is to start as early as possible. Of course, it is also essential to check the basket and bicycle trailer’s strength and attachment before you put the cat in it. If the bicycle trailer and the basket get loose, make noise, or falls, you may not want your cat to enter it again. A cat remembers what’s happened and then associates the basket or bicycle trailer with the bad experience.

cat stands on bicycle saddle

Cycling Together with Other Pets

When I think of cycling with my cat, I also think about the other pets. Because what if you not only have a cat but maybe a dog too. Whether several cats or perhaps as a real animal lover, have several pets. You can then wonder whether all these animals can go together at the same time? Alternatively, do you have to transport each animal separately? The best and most enjoyable is of course if everyone can join at the same time.

If you have one or two cats and a broader basket, you can put them together. The cats must, of course, be able to deal with each other and be used to each other. Because two enemies together cannot go well for long. If you use a belt, you have to fix both cats. If you use a hood over the basket, you can choose whether you want to secure it. It could be handy and safe if you take the cats in and out of the bucket one for one.

A dog and cat together in a bicycle basket is only possible if you have to be sure that they are perfect friends and can sit side by side for a long time. Also, the dog should not be too heavy because otherwise, you cannot send any more. The basket is then overload. When purchasing the basket, check how much weight is allowed. If you do not trust it or it is too heavy, you can choose to put the dog in a bicycle trailer. If you have another pet, it is good to think and see if it can. Also, consider the welfare of the animals.

How Long Can I Cycle?

If you want to cycle with your cat, you may wonder how long you can cycle. Some people use the bicycle only for small distances, such as go the supermarket, and others use the bike for longer distances, such as a full day of cycling. For a short bike ride to the supermarket, you can quickly take your cat with you without too many adjustments or supplies. But if you choose to ride a part of the day or all day, there are points that you need to think about and things to take with you.

Food and Drink

When you go cycling, make sure you have enough drink and feed for your cat—possibly also some cat treats for the reward on the way. Do not forget to include enough food and drinks for yourself. You can weigh the feed in advance and put it in a container that you can close with a lid. Take your cat’s food bowl with you; so your cat can eat from his bowl.

Nowadays, they have water bottles for dogs and cats. You unscrew the water bottle cap, and you automatically have a water bowl for your cat. Then you can put the water in the bottle so that your cat can drink it. After drinking, you can quickly clean up the water bottle and take it with you. Is your cat a problematic drinker, and does it only drink from his bowl? Then take the food bowl from home.

The Need along the Way

Every person who is away from home for a few hours must do their need somewhere. Naturally, that also applies to a cat. So if you go cycling for more than a couple of hours, it is wise to bring a small litter box, poop bags, or a long-walking belt. Your cat can then do the needs on the litter box, out on the street, or somewhere on the roadside/forest. It is different for every cat. Give your cat enough privacy and time to fulfill his needs. If your cat is not comfortable with that, you might cycle home or go to family/friends after a few hours, where your cat can calmly do the needs of the litter box. If your cat is used to do outside his needs, you can use a long-running belt. Your cat can not run away with this, but your cat has the space to find a spot.


A few hours of cycling or maybe a whole day means a chance of different weather conditions. To handle this well prepared, you can take a few things for safety. Better too much than too little. So you and your cat are well prepared. If it is a sunny day, make sure you are well-lubricated and take sunburn with you. Sunglasses and hats are also using to protect you from the sun. Also, put a poncho or rain suit in your bag. If it starts to rain unexpectedly, you can still put it on.

Also, make sure your cat is protecting from the sun or rain. Take, for example, an umbrella, a small parasol, or a child poncho. You can put this over the basket. Is your cat in the bicycle trailer? Then make sure your cat gets enough fresh air on a hot day and does not overheat.

cat is standing by the bike

Good and Bad Roads for Cycling

If you are going to cycle with your cat, it is advisable to think first about a route. You have hectic roads and quiet roads. Keep in mind the character of your cat. One cat is more comfortable handling many stimuli than another cat. In this way, you can think of a cycle route. Cycling in a forest, park, or beach is a lot calmer than, for example, along with a motorway, amusement park, or center. However, if your route is quiet, it does not mean that you can cycle well on that road. For example, a mountain bike route I would not recommend to go cycling with your cat. Do you don’t know what kind of pressure your cat can handle and can’t handle? First, go cycling in small circles and pay attention to the behavior and attitude of your cat.

Cat Entertainment

To entertain your cat while cycling, you can think of small and big things. You can bring cat treats or toys to treat and reward your cat. My cat can make every moment of the day happy with cat treats and a plastic straw. If I have to go somewhere with her or distract her, I always use cat candies. If your cat is in front of the bicycle basket or the bicycle trailer, you can put cat treats and/or toys in it. Your cat has some fun. Do you think that one piece of a toy is not enough or the cat treats are not enough, then you can also hide the cat treats in the toy? Consider, for example, a toilet roll folded with cat treats in it. Alternatively, you can download a game for cats on your phone and use this game to entertain your cat. However, maybe your cat enjoys cycling and the environment that entertaining is not necessary at all.


Infographic cycle with your cat

The Bike Experiences of My Cat

Before I wrote this post, I was already interested in transporting your cat. Most people only take their cat with them when it needs to be done, such as the vet. However, it is much more fun if your cat can occasionally join other things, such as a bike ride. I got my cat as a kitten, and from the beginning, I have let her get used to everything. She is an indoor cat, but she sometimes wears a harness, and then she can walk in the garden.

Her first acquaintance with the bike was in the garden. In the beginning, she thought the bike was scary from a distance, but the more often she saw the bike, the closer she dared to come. It took much time before she was no longer afraid of the bike. Now I can put her on the bike, in a basket, or even in the bike bag for the photo. Now that she is used to it, I will try to put her in a bicycle basket and cycle a small circle. However, I know she can be scared quickly, so it takes time and patience. But who knows, in a few months, we will cycle all over the country.


Maybe if your cat likes cheap free cat toys to play with while cycling, then I have found some best cheap free cat toys for indoor cats for you.

I hope your cat likes to ride a bike/cycle. Also, if you know someone with a cat that maybe even wants to ride a bike, feel free to share this post.

By Marleen

Marleen is a truly madly deeply cat lover and founder of That Is for My Cat. She wants to share her knowledge about cats with other people who like to know more about cats.