Do Cats Miss Their Owner When Their Owner is Away?

do cats miss their owner when their owner is away

Some people believe that their cat does miss them when he/she is away from their cat. However, some people think that cats can’t miss their owners. Some people believe that their cat misses their owner only under certain circumstances, such as when the cat is hungry.

Do cats miss their owner when their owner is away? Cats don’t need us to survive. They are fully aware of it. It has shown in a study that cats do not show signs of separation anxiety when their owner is away. Cats are social and need company and interaction with other people and animals. They have learned to live in groups under the influence of human society and urbanization.

In this post, you can read more about why cats miss or don’t miss their owner when their owner is away. Also, you will discover everything about cats and how attached cats are to their owners.

Do Cats Miss Their Owner?

Does a cat miss its owner when their owner is away? We can’t ask a cat this; they are not people. Most people think that a cat does not miss its owner. They believe that a cat doesn’t miss anyone and find it ok to be alone. But if you do more research, then you know that cats can miss their owner.

Of course, a cat that is happy to see you does not immediately have separation anxiety. Not even if it is waiting for you in the window or quickly needs attention when you return home after a day of work, for example.

There have been several types of research. Some studies show that cats do experience separation anxiety, while other studies say the exact opposite. There is one clear conclusion from all studies. Cats don’t need people to feel protected the way that dogs do. Cats are solitary beings: they know how to take good care of themselves.

Some research says that cats get annoyed at their humans when we leave them, which could result in passive-aggressive behavior. Also, cats that spend their days at home alone can become depressed and getting overweight.

Cats are affectionate creatures; they vary in their requirement for human attention. Some cats enjoy their alone time, while others prefer the constant company of their human family. Of course, there is also a way between separation anxiety and not missing their owner.

It is a misconception that you can leave your cat alone for days. The mental and physical health of a cat depends on their daily dose of stimuli, both from physical and mental challenges. A cat needs interaction with either familiar family pets and people.

But whether or not your cat misses you the way, it still desires your love and attention.

Signs Cats Miss Their Owner

  • Extra purring and stretching. If you notice that your cat is purring and stretching a lot when you come home, it could be a sign that your cat is happy. You finally home.
  • Strong desire for affection. Another sign that your cat is missing you is that it might seem a little bit stressed when you came home. It looks like your cat is maybe a little agitated.
  • Agitation or stress. Researchers are looking at cats who were left alone. They found that while the cats didn’t display signs of emotionally missing their partner, the cats did seem more stressed and irritated. For example, your cat suddenly runs through the house, is busy, or requires more attention.
  • Physically ill. In some cases, a cat becomes physically ill with worry when te owner is longer away. Although a familiar person came to see/ to check the cat, the behavior persisted. This behavior shows that the cat specifically missed the owner.
  • Destructive behavior. A stressed-out cat can develop nasty habits, especially if your cat is bored. Some lonely cats will make a mess while you’re gone. For instance, an anxious cat may even urinate outside of the litter box.

However, all cats behave differently. What cats do when you come home depends on how you treat them and their personalities. Not all cats are the same!

Help Your Cats With Being Alone

Leaving your cat alone without being entertained is not good. Staying with your cat every day, so your cat is never alone, is also not good. So the best thing to do is to help your cat learn ways to be alone. Below you will find some ideas.

  • Have a routine. Changing your cat’s routine can confuse and scare your cat. Try to keep your schedule as predictable as possible. If you come and go all day long with different intervals, this can cause your cat to become insecure and unsure about your return.

    When you go to work every day at 6 a.m. and come back home around 6 p.m., your cat will get used to this routine. If you give your cat food when you come home, your cat will also get used to this. Cats can get used to routines.
  • Give your cat comfort. Before leaving your cat alone for a longer time (for example, a long workday), it is best to do a few things. Fill your cat’s food bowl, change the water, and clean the litter box. These things will make your cat feel more happy and comfortable.
  • A lot of toys. Don’t leave your house before your cat has ”plenty of” interactive toys, scratching posts, and puzzles. Many cats like it when they can sit on a cat tree in front of the window. They can spend hours on bird-watching.
  • Hire a Cat-Sitter or ask a family member. If you are away for a few days or going on vacation, you may be able to ask a family member. You can ask to take a look at your cat and giving attention.

    Choosing a professional cat-sitter is always an option. The sitter can scoop out kitty litter, interact with your cat, and refresh food and water bowls.

Cat relationships

Cats are very picky when choosing their friends. Cat relationships with their people vary greatly. A cat’s relationship can differ with different people in the same house. An owner’s relationship can also change with different cats in the household. With one cat, you can have a better bond than with another cat.

There are still studies where they are investigating whether cats can feel love or secure attachment for their owners at all.

Cats can react varyingly, from very distant and unbound to very interactive and demanding. Cats domesticated themselves, so there must be something in the relationship for them.

If you feel like you have a bond with your cat, the feeling is probably mutual. And, if your cat sleeps on your face or follows you into the bathroom, you can’t say you don’t have a special relationship.

Mylas and Zayra

Mylas and Zayra missing there owner when their away. Or at least they sure act like they missing me. Even a short trip to the supermarket is following up with an eager greeting at the door. Also, nonstop, playful head butts when I am home and sit down to give them some attention. It looks like they are missing me.

Zayra and Mylas are sometimes sitting on a cat tree in front of the window and looking outside. They are watching birds and leaves, but they also keep an eye on whether I come home. As soon as I put the key in the lock of the front door, they already come down.

Do Cats Miss Their Owners When They Go on Holiday?

If you have a cat or other pets, then you know that going on vacation can be a little sad. Of course, it’s great to go on a vacation and go on some new adventures. But it could be challenging to leave your cat at home alone! You miss your cat when you’re gone. You can’t call your cat, giving attention, and talk to it.

As you could already read in this blog, cats don’t show signs of separation anxiety when their owner is away. But there are cat owners who will recognize the following situation. You are coming back from vacation, but your cat is quite indifferent! Or your cat even behaves like they are “offended” and pretend not to see you at all. Or you come home, and you don’t also have time to put your suitcase down because your cat wants immediate attention.

However, you can say that most cats miss their owner when they go on holiday. Cats like it they get attention, you as owner give them attention and love, and you are back in the house. The routine is usually back again where your cat feels comfortable with.

Youtube Video

The video below is a funny video about a cat that is home alone because its owner is on vacation. The video is similar to the movie: home alone.

Cat Camera

If you miss your cat during your absence or would like to see your cat, you can buy a pet camera. Also, if you want to know how your cat behaves when your cat is alone, you can use a pet camera. With a pet camera, you can follow your cat’s movements remotely on an app on your phone or other devices. This cat camera is no solution for human interaction from a cat sitter, though. But it can perhaps provide a little comfort and safety.


There are a few little signs that cats miss their owner when their owner is away. Cats don’t miss their owners the way dogs do because they don’t attach to their owners in the same way dogs do. The mental and physical health of a cat depends on their daily dose of stimuli, both from physical and mental challenges. A cat needs interaction with either familiar family pets and people.

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