How Can I Recycle Cat Hair?

Recycle cat hair? If you think of cats, you might also think of cat hair. These hairs can be found anywhere in the house. Cat hair is something that belongs to your pet and what you probably do not like at home.

The coat of the cat keeps it nice and warm. A hair consists of the same substance (keratin) that your nails of consists. The fur of a cat consists of a layer of fine hairs (undercoat) with on top of that a layer of firmer hairs. Between the two layers of hair, there is a thin layer of air that can hold warmth. It is this layer of air that makes the coat work like a thermos. The coat is therefore essential for a cat.

However, as an owner, you usually do not get so happy with cat hair on your clothes or furniture. However, there is also something positive about cat hair. Cat hairs can also be very useful. Of cat hair, you can make many things.In this article, you can read what you can do with collected cat hair!

Collecting cat hair

Combing kat

You can only use the hair of your cat if there are no tangles. To prevent this, you should therefore thoroughly comb the coat. Especially in the molting period, your cat loses much hair. In this period, the hair will come naturally, and you can expect much hair.

If you want to use the hair, you can better not use a knife comb. These combs shave the fur. You get much hair but of poor quality. The combed tufts of hair make you airy and loose. You can store the hair in a large closed box. Please do not keep it in a plastic box because the hair will become static. Depending on what you are going to do with the hair, of course, it depends on how long it takes to collect the needed hair.

Bird nest material

Do you have one or more cats? Do you want to do something for the birds in the name of your cat? Would you also have fun with the birds in the garden? Well, that is possible. After a comb, you already have enough cat hair to make some birds happy. Cat hair is an ideal nest material for birds. It is pliable, soft, water-repellent and natural. Yarn or rope are artificial fibers and chemically treated which can be harmful to the birds. Cat hair is just natural.

You can clip a tuft between a paper clip and hang it on a cord outside. Probably the birds will flock on it because the hair is a favorite nesting material. You can also put it in a grapevine globe, suet cage or mesh bag. Alternatively, divide the hair over your bushes or trees. The birds can then easily catch this. Do not lay the hair low on the ground because the birds are more vulnerable to predators. Never give the birds fur that contains fleas or ticks. Small chicks are sensitive to those chemicals.

Make sure you pull big plucks hair apart before you divide it into the garden. Birds are also happy with materials such as dry grass, moss, and leaves. With this, they can also build a nest.

Hunt the animals out of your garden

Do you have vermin in your garden and you don’t want this? You can also use cat hair for this. Put small tufts of hair around the soil of your plants. Pests such as snails, worms, wasps and so on will stay away. They remain stuck to the hair. The hair is also a natural deterrent for animals that are afraid of dogs and cats — for example, rodents. People who care about their garden or earn money with it, such as farmers put their hair in tights and hang or lay it between the plants to keep deer away.

Compost it

Composting is always a good idea. Good compost is a mix of brown (think of fruit peelings) and green material (like leaves of trees). Compost contains much organic material and improves the soil structure by adding food and organic material. Compost is used in agriculture and horticulture. The hair of any animal is considered a “green” component or compost. Feel free to add the hair of other people to the compost. Hair decomposes pretty slowly, so you can speed up the process and speed up the benefits.

Cats can paint

Cat with her artwork

On this website there is also a post about cats can paint. You can painting with your cat. Once the painting is finished, you can make the artwork more personal by sticking a little hair of your cat onto the painting. Then it is personal. Do you not want to attach the hair to the front of the art because you do not like this or it is weird? Then you can of course also stick it on the back. So you see it less, but you show that the artwork is from your cat.

A reminder to your passed away cat

Unfortunately, we all have to deal with the loss of our loyal pet. Some have experienced it before, others never have. When a pet dies, people often like to be reminded of the good time together. However, what can you do? You can scatter the ashes, and you can also do the ashes in, for example, an urn or in a jewel. These are all options nowadays. But to recycle your cat’s hair and make a memory you can also put the hair in a beautiful transparent tray or box. You can place this box for example by the photo or a memorial candle from your cat. So you always have something touchable.

Make jewelry

This idea may not be practical at all. But if you’re looking for ideas for crafting with pet hair on Google, you’ll find many options. There are even whole books of this idea. There is an online company that makes beads from the hair of a pet. In France is a company that makes wool from the hair of your dog and perhaps also from cats. So you want a beautiful piece of jewelry with the hair of your cat? Take a look around the internet or ask for it in a jewelry store. Nowadays, there are a lot of options and beautiful jewelry you can buy.


Felting is an old technique that probably happened by chance. Somewhere in prehistory people discovered that the wool of sheep is insulating against the cold. To keep warm feet, they put wool in their leather shoes. By the warmth of the feet, a sturdy sole is creating during walking. This discovery has led people to further ideas. In recent years, the technique of felting has been increasingly used by interior designers and artists in products such as clothing, carpets, and scarves.

Felting is the interlocking of wool fibers, to create a patch. After the hairs are wet with warm water, they are fused by friction and shrink together. The material that is producing is called felt, and you can make beautiful things from it. This way you can make jewelry, but also bags and hats from the hair of your cats.

Knitting or crocheting

The hair of a long-haired cat is a valuable material. A material that is unique, because it is not available in any store! The possibilities are endless, for knitting or crocheting. Even if it is only a small something like a bag, a picture frame or a cushion. What you like. Products made from cat hair are lightweight and very warm.

If you have a long-haired cat, you can spin the hair into wool yarn. Because every cat coat is unique, with its color scheme, it is a valuable material. In some online stores, it is possible to have cat hair expertly spun with a spinning wheel into a stable yarn. Then this wool can merely be processed like any other wool. It is possible to make a scarf, sweater or a cover of the hair of your cat.


combing a cat

All summed up, with the hair of your cat can do a lot. In any case, you can recycle it. Recycling is not only good for yourself and your cat, but also for the world. Also, if you have a cat, collecting the hair is not difficult.

Maybe if your cat likes to paint, then I have found some great painting ideas for you.

I hope your cat likes it to be brushed. Also if you know someone with a cat that maybe even wants to recycle cat hair, feel free to share this post. Additionally, have you ever recycle cat hair?

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