How To Clean Cat’s Eyes?

How To Clean Cat's Eyes

When it comes to our cats’ cleanliness, the first thing that comes to mind is that they don’t like water or bathing. Most cats hate it to get a bath or any activity that is related to water. Cat owners do not have much to worry about this. Cats can reach most of their body parts with their tongue. But there is one part that cats cannot reach; it is their eyes. Your cat needs some help to clean the cat’s eyes.

We all know how cats continuously groom themselves. Cats are majestic creatures who like to stay clean all the time. There are exceptions; the majority of cats don’t need to get a bath. It is normal that your cat has some puss-like or crusty eye discharge. Cleaning regularly your cat’s eyes will help improve your cat’s health.

So cleaning the eyes of your cat are important. You can learn how to clean a cat’s eyes. In this post, you read more about some techniques that will help to clean your cat’s eyes.

Cat’s Eyes

Even though cats are intensive 99.9% of the time, they at times miss some significant and simultaneously defenseless against contamination spots like inside their ears or around their eyes. To evade that, you should watch out for your kitty’s preparing interaction and read about how to clean the cat’s eyes, ears, or other weak spots.

Cats are exceptionally mindful of their cleanliness and can clean hard to reach places of their bodies with their tongues. But cleaning their own eyes is difficult. It might happen that rigid discharge structure in the internal corners of your feline’s eyes. Just as being unattractive, they indicate contaminations like conjunctivitis, and it is consequently imperative to reduce them.

Cats can develop gunk in their eyes because of sensitivities and occasional changes (allergies). I have noticed that my cats have gunk in the corner of their eyes in the morning. Removing this gunk is important to prevent your cat from developing eye disorders or other eye problems.

When your cat has a scratch in the eye or any other eye problem, you should clean it as soon as possible as time permits, so it doesn’t get contaminated. Signs to pay special mind to include: your feline scratching the eye, keeping the eye shut, having a release, and the eye looking red and sore.

If you do not want your cat to develop eye infections or other eye issues, it is important to remove this gunk. There are different cleaning methods to clean a cat’s eyes. You can bring your cat to a vet for a check-up if you think your cat has an eye infection or a more serious medical problem maybe.

Cleaning Your Cat’s Eyes: What You Need

As you can read above, cats take care of their cleanliness, but because they do not have full access to their eyes, they expect our help with eye cleaning now. Let’s talk about a few items you should have at home to protect your cat’s eye health and prevent possible infections. These are:

  • a soft piece of fabric (cotton balls)
  • warm water
  • a towel or a paper towel
  • make-up remover cotton discs
  • teabags
  • sterilized water
  • a treat as an award

For your cat’s eye health, I recommend having these materials at home and clean your cat’s eyes at regular intervals according to the methods I explain below.

Below you can find four different ways to focus on your cat’s eyes and clean them securely. Read on to find some home remedies that you can use on your kitty’s eyes.

Get Ready To Clean Your Cat’s Eyes

Because cats ‘eyes are areas that need to be kept clean, just like us humans’ eyes, you should make sure that your own hands are thoroughly sterile and clean before you start cleaning your cat’s eyes. After having the products mentioned above in your home, another important issue is about the environment in which you should clean your cat’s eyes.

As a matter of first importance, enclose your feline with a towel to “keep your cat still,” making the activity simpler. Instead of a towel, you can use the blanket that your cat likes or smells like. The more comfortable and peaceful your cat feels, the easier it will be to clean the eyes. It is important to try to provide your own cat’s most comfortable and favorite environment. The conditions under which each cat will be more comfortable can vary.

To ensure that you can easily clean your cat’s eyes, it is important to make sure there are no distractions. For example, it is better not to sit with your cat near a window because the outside’s constant activity will distract your cat, and your cat will not sit still and is calm.

I recommend that you choose an environment that is calm, quiet, and has smelled your cat recognizes. In a room where there is no unfamiliar smell or people around, you can start eye cleaning after pampering and calming your cat for 1-2 minutes.

Methods to Clean Your Cat’s Eyes

Warm Water and Cotton Balls for Everyday Cleaning

First of all, you need to boil water. Then, let it cool to room temperature. Pour the water in small bowls and locate them near you so that you can get the right of entry to them easily.

Collect the cotton balls. To apply the warm water to the eyes of your cat, you will need clean cotton balls. It is possible to use a clean cloth or soft towel. Make sure whatever item you use is soft to the touch and will not scratch or irritate your cat’s eyes further.

It is important that your cat can sit still for a while. Try to have your cat sit on your lap with the head facing away from you. Hold one hand under the jaw so that your cat keeps its head still. If your cat cannot sit still for long, you must work quickly. Otherwise, your cat will only have one clean eye.

You can ask a partner or friend to help you to hold your cat still. Some cat owners put a towel over their cat’s head but still keep the eyes visible. Some cats feel safer when they are in something. It would be best if you considered what your cat likes.

Wipe the gunk from the eyes of your cat. When you clean the other eye, change the cotton ball to evade any disease spreading from one eye to the next. If you are ready, give your cat a treat as an award.

Sterilised Water and Cotton Balls

This way is suggesting, particularly if your cat has created hard discharge around the eyes. There are many reasons why this may happen; however, typically, the outside layer means that forthcoming eye illness, so it’s acceptable to tidy it up when you notice it.

You may think of how you can sterilize the water. Some people indicate utilizing saline arrangement, either locally acquired or made at home, by blending some water in with a teaspoon of salt to clean the eyes of your cat. Advise your veterinarian to ask which way is good to do.

Take some smooth cotton balls, the sort you use to eliminate your makeup and absorb them in sterilized water. Begin eliminating the dirt and debris from around the eyes, ensuring the affected area is drenched in water.

Your cat will not actually like this, yet it’s for his/her own great. Keep some dry cotton balls near you to eliminate any water abundance and save your cat the inconvenience.

Applying Tea Bags

Green and black tea have antibacterial properties and can help soothe an irritated or itchy eye. My advice is to use organic tea to ensure that your cat is not exposed to additives or chemicals. When it is not possible to buy organic tea, you can purchase regular tea, but it is good to read what is inside a teabag.

Put two tea bags in hot water for three to four minutes. After four minutes, you can remove the tea bags. Set the teabags on a clean paper towel. This will allow them to cool.

For this method, it is important to keep your cat still. Because the teabags will need to sit on your cat’s eyes for a few minutes, you can try to let your cat sitting in your lap and placing a towel over the head. Adjust the towel until the cat’s eyes are exposed. If it is not possible to let your cat sitting still, you can ask someone to assist.

Once your cat is in a static position with the eyes exposed, you can apply the tea bags to your cat’s eyes. Place each tea bag on the eyes. The teabags must not are too hot. You do not want to irritate or burn the cat’s eyes. For one or two minutes, the tea bags must sit on your cat’s eyes. If your cat has any crusts around the eyes, the tea bags will make it easier to wipe off and loosen it.

After about 2 minutes, you can remove the tea bags. Now you can wipe the gunk from your cat’s eyes. To remove any remaining gunk, use a soft, clean cloth dipped in warm water.

Things You Need

Below is a list of items you will need to clean your cat’s eyes.
The necessities depend, of course, on which treatment you apply.

  • A towel or blanket (optional)
  • Cotton balls
  • Small bowls
  • Warm water
  • Organic black or green tea bags

Bring Your Cat to the Vet

On the off chance that you see no enhancements in the following 2-3 days, or assuming your cat’s eyes get even worse, you may need to contact your vet for an appointment. It is good to check your cat for signs of an eye infection. Go to the vet with your cat if you notice the gunk is not going away. When the eyes are very red, this could be a symptom of conjunctivitis or pink eye. You should also go to the vet if the gunk looks yellow or green and is sticky or smelly. These signs could be bacterial infections.

If your cat is constantly scratching its eyes or pawing, it is best to visit the vet. It may also be that the eyes seem sensitive to light and that the eyes tear up a lot. These are all symptoms that indicate a problem with the inner eye or cornea.

Have your vet examine your cat’s eyes and make a diagnosis. The vet can take a sample of the gunk to test for bacteria. It immediately checks whether your cat’s eyes look very red, irritated, infected, or sensitive to light. When your vet has a diagnosis, you can discuss the treatment options. When your cat has an eye issue, it can mostly be treated with antibiotic eye ointment. Or your cat gets drops that are for a set period. With the right treatment, eye issues often heal well in cats.

When your vet has a diagnosis, you can discuss the treatment options. When your cat has an eye issue, it can usually be treated with antibiotic eye ointment. Or your cat gets drops that are for a set period. With the right treatment, eye issues often heal well in cats.

If you have any doubts about your cat’s health, it is always advisable to contact the vet. You can always ask them for advice.

How Often Should You Clean Your Cats’ Eyes?

It is normal for your cat to have such crust or pus-like eye discharge. But if you clean the cat’s eyes, it will help improve your cat’s health. Make sure to clean your cat’s eyes regularly.

How often you need to clean your cat’s eyes will largely depend on their breed. Some cat breeds are more likely to be affected by eye discharge, whereas other cat breeds get eye problems if they become an eye infection or illness. Some people say you should clean your cat’s eyes daily if the crusty secretions form. If you do not notice anything, in particular, it is enough to cleanse the eyes twice a week. It’s essential to look at your cat’s health. Check what is needed in terms of care, and if in doubt, you can always call the vet.

It is normal for your cat to have such crust or pus-like eye discharge. But if you clean the cat’s eyes, it will help improve your cat’s health. Make sure to clean your cat’s eyes regularly. When you have a kitten or cat, I recommended getting your cat/kitten used to this process of cleaning the eyes. When you do it regularly, your cat doesn’t find it strange after a while.

If your cat has long hair, try to trim the hair around the eyes.
Their cornea can get scratched with their hair.


Hopefully, you find this post about the methods to clean your cat’s eyes interesting and helpful.

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