Pros and Cons of Adopting a Kitten

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Do you recognize that? Are you computing, reading a magazine, watching television, or looking for images? Everywhere you look, you see pictures of cute little kittens. They all seem equally lovely. One has long hair, and the other has a cute name or a big spot around the eye. However, often, when the kittens are little, they all seem equally sweet. But would you take a kitten? And if you’d like, what are the pros and cons of adopting a kitten?

If you choose a kitten, you have to spend time, attention, and money. A cat can live for 15 years or longer. It is important to talk to everyone in the family about taking a kitten to ensure that everyone likes to adopt it. A kitten needs much attention, and you must educate a kitten. A kitten does not stay little, but it grows and becomes stronger and gets a character. Cats are fantastic family pets, and kittens are particularly appealing.

What are the Pros and Cons of Adopting a Kitten? Where do you have to think about before buying a kitten? You can ask yourself when you are ready to take a kitten home. In this blog post, I explain the basic things you have to pay attention to when you want to buy or adopt a kitten. I also explain the pros and cons and the points you have to think about before buying a kitten.

Pros and Cons of Adopting a Kitten

All kittens are irresistible, but they don’t stay little forever. All cats have their quirks. The breed type can tell you a lot about what kind of personality and temperament you can expect once your cute kitten turns into a fully-grown feline. So before you find a kitten you’re in love with and want to buy, it’s worth taking a step back and thinking about the following:

  • Is there usually someone at home, or will your cat leave to their own devices all the time?
  • Are you looking for a lap cat or more an active cat?
  • Do you have time to spend this on grooming a cat? What do you think of cat hair on the furniture?
  • Do you already have dogs or cats at home?
  • Are you looking for a kitten who’s good with kids?
  • Do you want to spend a lot or a little money on a cat/kitten?
  • What will you do with your cat when you go on holiday?

Once you answer all questions and are clear, you can look at the breed types to adjust them to your circumstances.

Things You Should Know

Buying a kitten is much more complicated than just picking the cutest one in a litter of kittens. It is good to know what is involved when buying a kitten and whether it is suitable for you.

Remember that purchasing a kitten is a big decision. When you buy a kitten, you must be aware that it will grow. A kitten is not going to stay a kitten forever. You should purchase your kitten with the thought that you are likely to have this pet for ten years or longer. Many cats live longer; they can reach the age of 20 or older.

Buying a kitten has financial and emotional impacts that come with owning an animal. There will be times when they can inconvenience you. Cats can get sick. Then it would be best if you brought the cat to a vet. When you have no money to do this, then your cat can get sicker. When you go on holiday, you will have to ask family, friends, cat sitters, or/and animal shelters to care for the cat.

Maine Coon kitten Zayra

Are You Ready to Buy a Kitten?

First, analyze your budget. How much money do you have to spend on a kitten? Also, think about the budget you need to buy all the supplies? Think of cat food, cat litter, toys, regular parasite treatment (fleas, ticks, and worms), routine medical/veterinary costs, and unexpected veterinary costs.

Ask yourself if you have time to care for the kitten/cat. Every day you have to feed the kitten, change the litter in the litter box, pay attention, play with it, and learn what is allowed and not allowed in the house. Your kitten will need plenty of playtimes every day, multiple times a day, to lose energy.

A kitten will also need some quieter interaction with you, like laying in your lap or cuddling with you. When kittens have a lot of quality time and interaction with their owners, they tend to develop fewer behavioral problems when they are older.

Take your time when introducing your cat to your new home. A kitten has to get used to his new environment. This habituation process can take seven to fourteen days. Every member of the family can better meet the kitten one by one. Then it does not get overwhelmed.

One or Two Kittens

You want to buy a kitten, but you may also be wondering if you should not adopt two kittens at the same time. If you are away from home for extended periods, it could be a good idea to take two kittens. The kittens have company when you are not at home. They can then do many things together, such as playing, eating, exploring the house, and sleeping.

However, two kittens also mean higher costs, twice the food, vet bills, cat stuff, etcetera. You also have two kittens who want and need attention. The costs are something to take into account.

The Kitten on Discovery Trip Through the House

Ask yourself if you have the patience to deal with a new kitten. A cute little kitten can also be a kitten that breaks things up when exploring the new environment. Kittens are very curious and want to experience everything in the house. That may mean that it has to jump all over your furniture or try to climb your curtains. A kitten likes to climb in the curtains or hide behind it.

A kitten may want to dig up plants, jump in the washing machine and the dryer, or explore the inside of your toilet. When kittens are about a year old, they tend to be a bit less active and exploratory. However, it’s a good idea to ask yourself if you have the patience to wait until your kitten has become older. Not every kitten is a lot calmer after a year. It depends on the breed, upbringing, environment, and behavior.

Kitten on the ground

Your House Kitten Proof

If you decide to take a kitten home, it is wise to make your house cat-proof to prevent it from injuring itself. Alternatively, your house will be destroyed during the discovery. Make sure all toxins are safe, close the lid of the toilet bowl. Otherwise, your kitten can fall into it. Put things or/and furniture away. Kittens are good at destroying things. Ensure that the rooms can be closed where the kitten cannot come. Also, hide any small objects (such as safety pins, paperclips, rubber bands, and caps) that the kitten can swallow.

Before you pick up the kitten, everything has to be ready, preferably on the final spot. The room where you leave the kitten out of his Before you pick up the kitten, everything has to be ready, preferably on the final spot. The room where you leave the kitten out of the travel basket is the temporary house. Ensure that everything it needs is at hand, such as the litter box, food and drinks, toys, and a nice sleeping place. After a while, put your kitten in the new litter box so that it knows what the intention is.

The Kitten and Other Pets

Determine whether other pets welcome a new kitten. Introducing a new pet at home can be tricky, especially if the new pet is a kitten. For example, dogs could see the new kitten as prey. The kitten can also see the dog as a toy. Be especially careful with the nails of the kitten. A kitten can scratch a dog in his eyes or injure the dog in other places. A kitten can have boundless energy and be very curious. For the other pets, depending on the other pets’ character and age, the kitten can be very busy and stressful for the other animals. If you have other pets and decide to buy a kitten, do not leave them alone until you are sure that they are safe and kind to each other.

Should I take a kitten


So what are the Pros and Cons of Adopting a Kitten? With all the information summarized, it comes down to:

  1. Buy only a kitten with a good feeling.
  2. Do not buy a kitten without a good feeling and just because the kitten is beautiful.
  3. Ask yourself if you have enough time, attention, and money to take a kitten home. The other family members must also be enthusiastic about it and be prepared to devote time and attention to it.

You must see the kitten as a new family member. If you decide to take a kitten home, it is wise to make your house cat-resistant to prevent it from injuring itself. Alternatively, your house will destroy during the discovery.

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If you make an informed choice, your kitten will quickly become an indispensable member of the family!

By Marleen

Marleen is a truly madly deeply cat lover and founder of That Is for My Cat. She wants to share her knowledge about cats with other people who like to know more about cats.