Top 10 Nice Cat Sweaters

nice cat sweaters

It is colder outside when it is autumn and winter; then there is also a big chance that your cat has it also cold. Treat your cat with a nice sweater. There are a lot of nice trendy cat sweaters with lovely winter motifs and prints. For my cat Zayra, I have bought two sweaters for her. She is very happy with these warm and nice sweaters.

Cat sweaters have a pleasant wearing comfort and keep your cat warm during the cold days. Cats with fur without undercoats, small cats, or older cats should provide extra protection against hypothermia. A sweater for your cat is, of course, also very stylish and fun. You can give your cat a unique style with a sweater or match it with your sweater.

Are you looking for a nice sweater for your cat? Below you will find a top 10 nice cat sweaters specially selected for your cat. I used Amazon to make this top 10, so the links refer to that.

What Is a Sweater?

A sweater or sweatshirt is a cotton sweater with long sleeves and a high round or a V-neck. On the inside of the sweater is a warm and soft fabric. Sometimes a sweater has a hood. If the sweater has a hood, it is also called a “hoodie.” The word sweater has come over from England. There a sweater is also called a sweatshirt. This name was created when the sweatshirts were used for the first time. The sweater is a favorite clothing item often worn by young and older people, men and women.

10. Evursua Cat Sweater

This adorable Evursua Cat Sweater is a good purchase for your cat. The sweater is making in a combination of a Wide-ribbed turtleneck collar and Aran stitches for a luxurious look.

The sweater is made of acrylic fabric to keep your cat warm. It has a soft comfort skin feeling, so it protects your cat from hurting by hard materials. Available in six different sizes and different colors.

9. Idepet Fleece Sweater

Cat with fleece sweater

This classic Idepet fleece sweater is a good purchase for every cat. It is a beautiful sweater with a sticker on the back. The sweater is made of fleece fabric, which makes it nice and warm for your cat. Please carefully measure your cat’s neck, chest, and back. Then choose the correct size.

If there are two sizes, choose the larger size. The sweater can be a bit smaller. This sweater has my cat too. You can quickly put on the sweater, and my cat likes it. You can order the sweater in different colors.

8. Kooltail Plaid Sweater with Hat

A lovely sweater with hat. Perfect for the cat who does not like it to have it cold and loves the color red or blue. The sweater has good quality and fashionable design. You can buy the sweater in 3 different sizes. So for both like the thin and small cat and the thicker and larger cat.

This sweater has a back with a hole. Your cat’s leash can get through this hole, so this sweater is also convenient to wear during a walk. This nice sweater has a classics plaid pattern, kangaroo pocket. It makes your cat cooler and cuter.

7. BINGPET Security Hoodie

Cat with security sweater

This design is for dogs and cats. You can buy this security sweater in sweater shape. The soft fleece is on the inside; it is breathable, lightweight, and soft fabric makes. The ribbed sleeves and waist ensure a good fit. It is the way you can keep your cat warm and stylish. Is the sweater dirty? That does not matter; it is machine washable. You can order it in 7 different sizes, and it is available in four different colors. The sweater is made of 65% cotton and 5% polyester.

6. Cat Sweater with Leopard Pattern

The sweater has a timeless classic turtleneck. You can quickly put any collar or harness over this sweater. The pullover cat sweater is making of soft cotton material, very stretchable, soft, and comfortable.

It recommends measuring your cat’s chest, neck, and back length before you buy a sweater for your cat.

5. BOBIBI Reindeer Sweater

This BOBIBI Reindeer sweater is a typical winter sweater. The colors, the fabric and the print of a reindeer make it a a lovely sweater. The sweater is available in 5 different sizes. Do you have a dog at home? Even then you can buy this sweater. Very nice if your dog and cat have the same winter sweater. The sweater is made of 100% acrylic yarn, the fabric is very comfortable, soft and warm. This sweater has a slight elasticity, it is suitable for autumn and winter wear. You can wash the sweater in the washing machine with the same colors. Then you can tumble dry the sweater.

4. Wiz BBQT Knitted Turtleneck Sweater 

This sweater is a well-designed sweater that will make your cat warm, comfortable, cute, and handsome. The sweater is made of 100% acrylic yarn. You have a choice of 5 different types of colors. There is a right size for every cat, starting at XS to XXL. The sweater is also made for small dogs. This is a sweater that many cats want to have or even wear.

3. EXPAWLORER Princess Cat Fleece Sweatshirt 

This sweatshirt is really cute. It is a pink sweatshirt with a silver crown and the text ‘Princess‘ printed on it. Every cat or small dog who feels a bit of a princess must have this shirt. It is a classic and comfortable hooded sweatshirt. The sleeves are ribbed, and waist ensures a snug fit. The sweater consists of 65% cotton 35% polyester. Many people and cats are satisfied with their purchase.

2. Fitwarm Palm Leaf Shirt

This Palm leaf shirt is a very cheerful and beautiful sweater. The material is not heavy but very lightweight and breathable so great for your cat for the warmer months. Did you ever see a cat wearing a Hawaiian shirt? You can also use the t-shirt as sun protection for your cat.

1. Koneseve Polo Shirt

The Konoseve polo shirt is a fashionable and durable shirt. The polo is made from natural and comfortable cotton cloth fabric; it is bringing your cat warmth and comfort. Before you are buying this polo shirt, you must carefully choose the size by measuring the chest, back length, and neck. So not only the breed or weight merely. On the website of Amazon is a size guide.

It is a nice polo that is available in three different colors, red, green and blue. You can buy this polo for your cat but also your dog. Do you have a cat and a dog? Then it might be cute if they both wear the same polo.

Extra: festive costume

I would also like to share this costume, a pirate costume. It is not a sweater but a very nice and original outfit for your cat. Available for cats and little dogs as Chihuahua, Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier. The costume is perfect for weekend parties, Halloween, birthdays or a photoshoot. The pirate costume is including fancy clothes and comfortable, adjustable skull print hat. You can buy the costume in five different sizes. I already know what I’m going to buy for my cats! This pirate costume. Hopefully, they like it too.


nice cat sweaters

There is a cute sweater for every cat. Hopefully, these top 10 nice cat sweaters have to help you to make the right choice. A sweater can be wear in the winter if your cat has it cold. Of course, your cat can also wear a shirt for other moments. My cat is wearing the security shirt often when there is a visitor or when I take pictures of her.

Maybe if your cat likes luxury cat litter boxes, you can also look at this page on my website. I have made a top 10 luxury cat litter boxes.

I hope your cat likes to wear sweaters. Also, if you know someone with a cat, that maybe even want to buy a cat sweater, feel free to share this post. By the way, does your cat have a favorite shirt to wear?

By Marleen

Marleen van der Leest is a truly madly deeply cat lover and founder of That Is for My Cat. She wants to share her knowledge about cats with other people who like to know more about cats.

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