Top 5 Luxury Cat Scratching Trees

top cat scratching trees

Cats can’t seem to get enough of clawing on something, bee it a tree trunk, a side of your sofa/couch, wall, or even a carpet. Scratching can be a real concern, especially for those who don’t understand the reason why kittens and cats love doing it. Instead of punishing your cat for scratching on your furniture, you can buy a luxury cat scratching tree for your cat. At this time, there are a lot of choices: from cheap to expensive, from ugly to luxurious. For every cat, there is a luxury cat scratching tree.

Cats love scratching trees because it allows them to have an area that is dedicating to their playtime activities and exercise. It gives cats also the opportunity to rest after playing. They don’t need to look for another place to slumber in. When you are buying a cat scratching tree, you are mainly addressing their innate nature more constructively while also providing the cat with the means to be happy.

If you are looking for cat scratching trees for your cat or more cats, then you can find here a top 5 of luxury cat scratching trees. Hopefully, you will see a luxury scratching tree for your cat.

Why Do Cats Need a Cat Scratching Tree?

Cats scratch for a variety of reasons. The act of scratching is to removing layers of worn outer claws and reveals new, sharper claws. It also works as a way for cats to mark their territory and keep other cats away. You cannot stop cats from sharpening their nails, but you can redirect them to more appropriate surfaces.

By using a sturdy scratching tree, your cat will have a surface to sharpen its claws and it keeps your cat maintained and comfortable. It also helps your cat identify an object and place they can keep as their own. A scratching tree can also provide a form of exercise and stretching.

Larger scratching posts and cat trees enrich indoor cats by providing them with a place to climb, play, and hide. This means they have fun all day long and get exercise.

Scratching posts come in different styles and materials. The environment of a cat to scratch should be very diverse.

Some cats prefer to scratch on horizontal surfaces, while others like upright surfaces or scratch at an angle. Each cat has its preferences. One may like the soft carpet, the other the softwood, or the roughness of your upholstery.

Most Important: a Cat Scratching Tree

When a cat comes into your home, one thing is especially important along with a cat toilet and food bowls: a good scratching area. There are many different scratching products for sale. From simple scratching boards to scratching mats, trees, and posts in all shapes and sizes. But what is best for your cat? It is important that your cat can satisfy its need to scratch. All types of scratching stuff have advantages and disadvantages.

Cats, Playing and Cat Scratching Trees

Cat lovers who live in a smaller house often doubt whether cats can be happy in a small space. The number of square meters is not decisive, as long as you use the available spaces well.

Large cat trees can offer cats more space. The many platforms can allow cats to make the most of the full height of a space. Beyond scratching, cats can snooze, play, or observe the surrounding area. Large cat trees are great for more active cats and feline families.

Smaller scratching trees and posts give cats fewer opportunities to lose their energy. Many scratching posts have a platform, but cats cannot climb as high as with multi-platform cat trees.

Many scratching boards and mats can be fixing to a wall. With a scratching board or mat, your cat can stretch out and scratch. The disadvantage of these products is that your cat cannot climb on it and observe the surroundings from above.

Cat Tree Design

Maybe you have decorated your house in such a modern way that a scratching post or tree does not fit the design. But that doesn’t have to be a problem. There are many modern boards, posts, luxury cat scratching trees, and mats for sale that will fit in any interior of the house.

There is so much choice. A scratching post, scratching board, a cat tree or cat scratching mat? The decision depends entirely on your personal preferences and that of your cat. Is your cat very active or calm? Does your cat like climbing, or does it prefer napping?

It often helps to take a look at your home environment. Ask yourself a few questions and answer them, such as: Where do you want to place the scratching tree? What places does your cat often sit? How big or small should the cat tree be? Which materials does your cat find interesting?

If you have this clear to yourself, then you can go shopping.

My cats and their scratching trees

My cats, Zayra and Mylas, have a scratching post on every floor in the house. This is not the case from the beginning. When Zayra was alone, she had a scratching post in the living room and a cat tree in the attic. When we adopted Mylas from a family, we got a scratching post and a cat tree. Because Mylas used these things, we kept it and kept it in the house. Now the cats have a luxurious choice in scratching posts and cat trees. In the living room, there is a scratching post. In the ” cats” room, there is a scratching post and cat tree, and in the attic, there is a scratching post.

If we hadn’t received the extra stuff when adopting Mylas, the cats wouldn’t have had many scratching posts. Because as you can read in this post, one or two scratching posts/trees is enough. Depending on how many cats you have and what your cat needs. (sleeping, playing, view)

Top 5 Luxury Cat Scratching Trees

I made a top 5 with luxurious cat trees. I didn’t give them a number because every cat tree is a good purchase, but it depends on what you like, the budget, and space.

Nova activity cat tree tower

Cats need a cozy home of their own to take a nap, run around, and be as active as they want. This Nova Cat activity Tree is a dream-come-true for your cat.

Without going outside, your kitten or cat can enjoy the same fun of relaxing and playing on this tree! This cat tree is for small cats, if your cat is too big, it’s better to don’t purchase!

The cat tree is making of high-quality particle board with a skin-friendly plush. The tree is lining with natural sisal ropes that are perfect for cats to scratch and sharpen their claws.

The cat tree has a strengthened base with battens at the bottom to ensure its stability of the whole cat tree, including an anti-toppling fitting for double security. Easy to assemble and accessories and tools are included.

The tree has a 3 top of platforms to sit on and look out the window. Your cat can enjoy the feeling of being at the top of the world. It also has two luxury houses for relaxing and multiple scratch posts.

At the moment the cat tree is available in 3 different colors. At the time of writing, it is not possible to ship the cat tree to every country. But this can be different at any time.

CozyCatFurniture looks like a real tree

This extra-large luxurious green/brown cat tree is among the best cat trees and towers. A lot of cat owners and cats are happy with the purchase: it looks like a real tree with leaves. The green fabric and brown sisal rope are giving your cat a feeling of being outdoors.

The tree has a modern and luxurious design and style. The fur of this cat tree is comfortable and soft. It gives your cat what it needs to feel relaxed and at ease. The tree has also posts to scratch. The posts are wrapped in sisal rope material.

The leaves of the cat tree are separate and can be left off. The leaves do not come attached. They can place anywhere you want them.

AmazonBasics tunnel and platform cat tree

This luxurious cat tree is a multi-platform cat tree with scratching posts. Includes carpeted platforms and scratching posts. The scratch pillars are making with natural, durable sisal.
Multiple platforms provide space for your cat to play, climb, and relax.
Neutral color tones fit in with your home’s existing décor.

A sense of privacy, coupled with satisfying scratch-ability, make this design an instant favorite. It is constructing with natural sisal, plush, and sturdy chipboard. This cat tree offers long-lasting quality and durability. The cat tree is available in different styles.

Vesper Cat Furniture

This cat tree is an eye-catcher. It has an observation deck and a place to rest in. Also, the tree has tall and slim scratching poles that encourage extensive scratching. The cube cave with two platforms have a rear exit provides your cat with a cozy space to take a nap.

The cat tree has a sturdy design with removable soft memory foam cushion and scratching surfaces. It has rounded corners and edges for a safe and pleasant feeling. The cat tree is available in different styles and colors.

Top cat scratching tree large cats

This cat tree is big enough for your large cat. It has a comfortable hammock, cat bed, cat cave, hanging ball, sisal rope, and several layers to climb.

The cat tree is an ultra-luxury paradise for cats. They can jump around on the climbing frame and playing: give your cat a new world of fun.

You can assemble it step by step according to the instructions; it took about 1 hour to assemble it. The pieces can be removed and washed to remove the cat hair. The tree is pretty light weighted but still very sturdy.

Size: 47.2 × 31.5 × 42. inch. Material is made of: Oxford cloth + PVC pipe + ABS interface + printed plush

A lot of cat owners and cats are happy with the purchase.


As you can see, there are a lot of different styles of luxury cat scratching trees. When a cat comes into your home, a good scratching area is important. Cats love scratching trees and scratch for a variety of reasons.

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