Top 3 Safe Laser Pointers for Cats

top safe laser pointers cats

In stores and on the internet, you can find a lot of different cat laser pointers. You can buy them in a pet store, department store, toy store, etc. There are also a lot of varying cat laser pointers. The two most famous is an electric/automatic and one that you must operate yourself. But because there are so many choices, it can be not very easy to choose a good and safe laser pointer for cats.

In one of my posts (Pros and Cons of a Cat Laser Pointer) in the cat stuff part, I figured out the advantages and disadvantages of cat laser pointers. A cat laser pointer is a fun toy for cats, but you also have to handle it very carefully. The laser beam can damage your eyes and the eyes of your cat. If you want to buy a laser pointer, despite all the information, rules, and guidelines, it is never 100% sure that a cat laser pointer is safe. So always be caused and keep an eye on your cat. Do not buy from unknown sellers and read the reviews of other cat owners.

If you’re wondering where to buy safe laser pointers for cats, I’ve found some of the top 3 safe laser pointers for cats, so you don’t need to spend hours searching! I have looked at the price, reviews, rules, and who the seller is. Hopefully, you’ll find in this top 3 safe laser pointers for cats a good purchase for you and, of course, for your cat.

Top Safe Laser Pointers for Cats

1. Cat Interactive cat laser pointer toy

A lot of cat owners and cats are happy with this cat laser pointer. This is a perfect cat interactive toys. Let your cat make more exciting when training and stimulate their greater interests. It will provide endless fun and exercise for your cat. With this cat toy, you can sit on the sofa and interact with your cat without running.

This cat laser pointer each takes 2 AAA batteries(not included). A special low power design can make the battery last longer.

2. Petcube Play 2 pet camera with laser pointer

Petcube Play 2 is the world’s most advanced interactive pet camera with a laser toy. Play, see, and talk with your cat on-the-go. With this Petcube Play 2 camera you can buy on Amazon, you can check your cat or other animals anytime from your phone. There is also a night vision and see up close with 4x zoom.

Chat with your cat with good audio. You can hear and speak to your cat and other pets when you are away.

Petcube Play 2 pet camera has a build-in Alexa assistant. Play music, hear the news, get answers to questions, control your smart home devices, or order food for your cat. It’s all possible with the Petcube Play 2 pet camera. The voice assistant functionality is optional.

Give your cat a game of laser chase, or you can set the pet cube to the autoplay mode to keep your cat engaged while you’re away. The laser is safe for pets and humans. You can say hello or tell your cat to stop if you catch it at mischief. Due to the built-in camera, you can follow your cat all the time.

With the quick 2-minute setup, you can use the pet cube fast. Works with Android and iPhone smartphones. You must only download the free Petcube app.

Made of high-quality aluminum and hard plastic, Play 2 features a sleek design and is indestructible. The pet cube is made of hard plastic and high-quality aluminum. It is indestructible, has a non-slip rubber bottom, and has a sleek design.

It’s an all-in-one home camera for modern pet parents. A lot of users are happy with their purchase.

3. Friends forever interactive cat toy laser

This a new popular cat toy. There is a concealed auto-rotating laser pointer. You can create a unique & active play for your cat. Keep your cat moving and never get bored with a three-speed setting (slow, fast, random).

This interactive laser toy has a quiet laser beam. It moves randomly across floors. You can put the timer on; the laser beam is then working for 15 minutes. Your cat has a large play area. The spinning tower head projects the laser beam 360 degrees round. So it forms an infinite circle area to play.

The laser cat toy is working with three AA batteries( the batteries are not included.) You can take this cat laser toy to any safe place. I recommend that you place the laser pointer in a stable and firm straight position like, for example, on the floor. So you prevent the laser pointer is tipping over.


Hopefully, you find these top 3 safe laser pointers for cats helpful. Furthermore, everyone that chooses a cat laser pointer from this list will always choose a good one.

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