Top 20 Sofas for Cats

sofas for cats

Sofas for cats. A single sofa for your cat. It exists. How will your cat find that? It may well be familiar to you; if you want to sit on the couch for a while, you see your cat lying on it. If your cat has his sofa, you do not have to argue for a place on the couch and who is sitting where. With a sofa for your cat, many problems have solved.

Usually, people have one or more banks in-house. Most cats think this is a beautiful place and therefore like to be there. However, a cat is not like a person who cleans up the mess. If your cat is lying on the couch, there are always hairs on it, scratches from the nails on the sofa, and less space is left for the owner and his family members to visit.

Many cats love comfort and privacy. There are many different sizes and types of sofas for cats. Find here a wide range of fleece cat sofas, luxury cat sofas, heated cat sofas, and more for your cat. Below you will find a top 20 made of sofas for cats specially selected for your cat. I used Amazon to make this top 20, so the links refer to that.

20. FurHaven ThermaNAP 

This sofa is perfectly sized for your cat. It’s portable design, lightweight, and makes the ThermaNAP Self-Warming Mat great for traveling to ensure your cat stays warm and comfortable wherever you go! The ThermaNAP Self-Warming Mat works without electricity to build up the warmth while it remains. The inner self-warming technology works by capturing your cat’s heat and radiating the warmth back using an insulating polyester fiber batting core and requiring no electricity.

The reflective core is economical and cat-safe. There are no cords for curious cats! The soft, plush sleeping surface is smooth for the noses and legs. It is a lightweight and portable cushion. You can quickly take it with you. The sofa is available in six different colors. ThermaNAP mats are machine washable for easy cleaning.

19. Deluxe orthopedic cat sofa

sofas for cats FurHaven

Pamper your cat with a FurHaven NAP orthopedic cat mattress. This cat bed mattress features a comfortable, step-on design and provides easy access on and off the bed. Convoluted foam relieves pressure points and allows for better circulation — an ideal choice for injured cats or have arthritis. The orthopedic foam is CertiPUR-US certified and independently tests for durability, performance, emissions, and content standards.

For every cat with an interior taste, there is a bed. The matching plaid flannel gusset hides dirt & hair. The zippered, removable cover is machine washable. The sofa is available in 4 different sizes (small, medium, large and jumbo). You can choose from a lot of different colors.

18. FurHaven orthopedic quilted sofa

The Furhaven orthopedic sofa has a smooth outside providing your cat comfort, while the orthopedic foam base supports your cat joints and pressure points. The sofa bed has three walls to give your cat various positions to lay in while resting comfortably.

This sofa design allows older and arthritic cats easy access on and off the sofa. The three-sided bolstered support cushions aching back, hips and neck. Perfect for nesting or using as a comfortable headrest.

The sofa is available in five sizes and seventeen different colors.

17. Furhaven deluxe memory foam sofa 

The sofa features an L-shaped dual-bolster design. It gives your cat the flexibility to snooze in a variety of positions. Chaise design allows for easy access on and off of the bed for older and arthritic cats. L-shaped bolsters support cushions aching back, hips and neck. Also, the two raised rounded bolster ends allow your cat to lay their paws or neck on the pillowed edge.

The memory foam top works with your cat weight and contours to the unique shape to provide better overall therapeutic support for joint and muscle discomfort. The sofa bed cover is machine washable!

The sofa is available in five sizes and different rich color options.

16. Leopard sofa deluxe cat scratcher

A cozy new space for your cat rests and play fun. This modern cat scratcher sofa is designed to keeping the cat psychology in mind, and to make it their comfort place where they can relax and scratch their paws. Cats prefer curvy shaped surfaces, instead of plain ones because of their extreme muscle flexibility and body composition.

This leopard cat sofa is an economical, adorable and practical solution to your cat needs. The sofa is perfect for tip-top claws condition, exercise/muscle toning, and stress reliever. It is making from 100% recycled materials. It is is an ideal cat lounge for all sizes of cats.

15. Paws & Purrs pet upholstered sofa

This sofa is the perfect lounger for your cat. The material is beautiful, and the couch is of very high quality. The sofa is available in oatmeal, dark gray, or sand, and this design blends perfectly with your home’s décor. The advantage of this sofa is that the mattress cover is removable and machine washable, so you can keep the pillow fresh and clean.

14. Pink sofa with crystal buttons

It’s a beautiful sofa for the pampered cat who likes to snuggle or curl while it sleeps. This sofa has a fluffy faux-fur cushion and crystal buttons. The sofa is fully upholstered and has a full loft cushion for luxurious comfort.

Cushion covers are removable and machine washable. It’s s very useful for the cat who loves a clean couch. Under the sofa is a handy storage pocket for toys and treats. The bank is currently only available in the color pink.  However, that does not make the cat sofa less attractive.

13. Moots Premium Leatherette Pets Sofa

This premium leatherette sofa probably finds every cat a good purchase. It is a beautiful and unique design. This sofa is a stylish, durable, and easy to clean faux leather. The Premium Faux Leather is reinforced using textile mesh for durability. Spots and dirt are easily removed with a damp cloth. The sofa has a Moots supreme filling formula. The right amount of poly-fiber and shredded memory foam for maximum durability, breathability, and comfort.

12. Glanzzeit deluxe mattress

Glanzzeit deluxe mattress

This sofa is easy to take with you when you go on a trip or a weekend trip with your cat. However, of course, you can also put this sofa in the house and leave it there. It also looks lovely by the beautiful decorative trim and bolsters.

The material is soft and cozy. It is designed to provide your cat with the security it needs. With raised sides for added comfort and optimal joint and muscle support. The sofa is available in three colors: brown, grey and burgundy. There are four different sizes. The sofa is easy maintenance & machine washable.

11. Snoozer luxury overstuffed sofa

Snoozer luxury overstuffed sofa

This sofa looks soft and comfortable. You can just put this sofas cover in the machine to keep it fresh and clean. The sofa has a grade microsuede upholstery and a slick spring-wound fiber for maximum loft. You have multiple size and color options to choose from to suit your cat’s needs.

10. Enchanted dark grey ultra plush sofa

The ultra-plush sofa is perfect for the cat who likes to snuggle or curl while it sleeps — upholstered with furniture grade construction and a full loft cushion for luxurious comfort. The sofa stands on legs, so it is not directly on the ground. There is a storage pocket for toys and treats. The cushion cover is removable and washable.

9. Bundaloo cat window sofa

This window sill is a beautiful product. This product has a durable mount structure. Your cat’s safety is very important. The wood frame ensures that the product is stable & reliable. The classy leopard design will be a beautiful accessory to any interior. The window sill has a very soft, fleece and comfortable cushion. Installing this window sill takes a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes.

8. Calming Cuddler  Donut Sofa

This Calming Cuddler Donut Sofa supports better sleep. It is ideal for pets who love to curl up. The sofa has a round shape and is made of high quality. The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief. The sofa has superior comfort. Cozy, flexible, and finished with faux fur. Durable nylon and luxurious faux fur come together to create a safe cat sofa as practical as they are comfortable! Every bed is safe in the washing machine and dryer, minimizing pet odors and excess hair for added convenience.

7. Eco friendly cat cave

Fair traded and eco-friendly sofa. This sofa has a unique and elegant cocoon shape. It provides warmth and comfort. You cat can use it multiple: to play, take a nap, rest, relax and sleep inside or on top. It keeps your cat warm in the winter and cools in the summer.

Cool wool cat cave

Each cat cave is hand-pressed making it super tight and strong. It is designed for maximum comfort and has a colorful modern design. The felt wools have natural self-cleaning characteristics by repelling odor, dirt, and stains. No synthetic fabrics have been used.
You can quickly clean it truth wiping the dirt with a clean, dry cloth or soft sponge with water and soap. It is recommended not to use hot water during cleaning. You can also use a vacuum cleaner.

6. Modern wicker cat sofa

This sofa is making of woven resin wicker. That’s used to build outdoor patio furniture and harmless to a cat. The wicker surface is slick and scratch-resistant. So your cat can not just scratch this sofa. A bird’s nest inspires the cat house. The rim gives the cat a better shelter. Large cats can easily walk in and arch their back through the wide cave opening. A soft, machine-washable cotton cushion pillow is including for extra comfort and luxury. Because it is a sustainable material, you can also put the cat sofa in the garden. This sofa is available in two sizes, M and L.

5. Lambaw cardboard cat sofa

Lambaw cardboard cat sofa

This cat scratcher cardboard will help you to protect your furniture from claw damage and gives more fun to your cat. This sofa keeps the cat’s claws healthy. The cat can play and scratch with this scratchpad instead of the furniture. It’s a lounge, bed & furniture.

Suitable for all kinds of cats. Available in color black and wood. Both designs are beautiful.

4. Lovely dark brown sofa

This is a comfortable sofa, which is lovely and soft. This cat sofa with bolster is designing with comfort in mind, for your cat is there a bolster so your cat can rest the head on and keeps it safe.

PU leather is easy to be cleaning. The sofa has a featuring soft sponge and sturdy wood frame construction. The stylish cat sofa will surely bring your cat a feeling of comfort and coziness for its padded with foam.

3. Deluxe Vilacera cat sofa

Deluxe Vilacera cat sofa

This sofa looks very luxury. The design, color, shape, and legs. A real luxury for your cat. It is a stylish and comfortable sofa. The sofa has durable, brown or gray leather with a plush, russet brown/gray cushion. The cushion is reversible and has buckled to the hardwood frame. Perhaps the only disadvantage of this cat sofa is the price. However, maybe your cat has some money?

2. Creation core luxury leather sofa

Warm, lovely, waterproof, soft and cozy sofa. This fabric of the sofa is environmentally PU leather. Diamonds are attached to the upholstery. This makes the cat sofa appearance a lot more luxurious. The sofa is easy to clean because of the leather. Because of the leather, cat hair, dust or other rubbish are easily to remove.

The internal wood frame is firm and durable. Under the sofa, there are spiral adjustable sofa legs. If the leather is a bit slippery for your cat or your cat have to get used to it, you can put a blanket on it. There are six different colors available, light and dark colors.

If I look at what my cats would choose, then it is this couch. Zayra, in particular, is a true diva, who opts for diamonds and pink. Mylas, the king, would choose the black couch.

1. TOV gray velvet sofa

TOV gray velvet sofa

If you see this sofa, you might think that you are looking at the site of a department store. The sofa looks like an adult version. Only this is meant for your cat or possibly other pets. The chances are that your pets are in love with it.

This sofa is skillfully handcrafted; it has a solid wood frame and sturdy wooden legs. It is upholstering with durable gray velvet fabric. The sofa is built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The sofa has a removable cushion cover that is also made from washable and waterproof velvet.

Important Things to Know about Sofas for Cats

Cats love quiet places that are draft-free and warm. Makes it advisable to place the sofa in a location where your cat is least disturbed during the sleep. It can, for example, be in a quiet corner of the living room or a (sleeping) room or corner in the attic. In any case, it is okay for your cat that it is a place where people do not always walk along, and it is very noisy.

My cat has places to rest all over the house. In the living room she has a basket in which she often sleeps. When she is resting, she sometimes lies on the couch. Most of the time, my cat is on the couch. On the first floor, where a room is empty, she often lies on the windowsill looking outside. In the attic, she has a box with a blanket and a chair she likes to lie. We have two scratching posts in the living room and the attic. Here she used to hide as a kitten. But now she is older; it does not fit anymore. Here she has her place.

sofas for cats

What Makes Sofas for Cats Good or a Bad?

When selecting and buying your sofa or a sofa for your cat, it is especially useful to consider the substance. Mainly because the sofa must be built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. A few fabrics are recommending if you have a pet in the house.

A pattern: Patterns are an excellent option to consider for hiding evidence of cat hair. Patterns can help to camouflage the hair as well as marks or stains. If the pet hairs are similar to the predominant color in the pattern works this especially well.

Synthetic Fiber (Ultrasuede/Microfiber): It is less bad if your cat scratches the sofa with this fabric. You can brush it away easier. Cleaning these fabrics is also easy. You only need to use a little water and soap.

Leather: The advantages of leather are that it is usually resistant to odor. The hair of pets is also less attracted on the sofa. With cloth, you can quickly wipe all dust and hair off the couch. If you have a scratching post near your bank, chances are the cat will avoid your leather couch.

Outdoor Fabric: This fabric is used, for example, for furniture in the garden. However, nowadays, many people have more upscale garden furniture inside. Think, for instance, of a lounge set. The advantage of this fabric is that it is sturdy, extremely easy to clean, and has sufficient choice in colors and prints—even natural materials. Your cat will find this fabric less attractive in any case.

It is possible that you bought the couch earlier than your cat. Now you have a lot of protective measures to protect your bank. You can put a slipcover over the sofa, which is easy to remove and clean. Alternatively, you buy a beautiful blanket and put it on the couch.

Why Is the Purchase of Sofas for Cats a Good Idea?

It has several good reasons to buy a sofa for your cat. You make your cat happy, there are no hairs on your sofa, and you have more space on your sofa. If your cat has its couch, the chance that the nails and teeth damage your couch is also smaller. Your sofa will even last longer in this way. Your cat can lie comfortably on the sofa. A small cat sofa is very cute in the house. Who would not want that?

Ideas for Making Your Cat Sofa

If you are handy, be a good carpenter, or know a good carpenter, you can also make a cat sofa yourself. You make the conversion, for example, of wood or cardboard. Put pillows on it, or cover it with cushions and blankets. Maybe that’s cheaper and more fun because you make it yourself, you can determine the dimensions yourself, and it’s your design.


There are many choices in cat sofas for every taste and interior matching. There are cat sofas at different prices, sizes, colors, and extras. Having a cat sofa has both advantages for the owner and the cat. Do you have no money for a cat sofa, or are you not sure that your cat will lie on it? You can also make one of wood or cardboard yourself. Put pillows on it, cover it with fabric, and your homemade cat sofa is ready.

Do you want to buy a cat litter box, but are you still hesitating? Take a look at the top ten luxury cat litter boxes.

Have fun choosing a sofa for your cat! Also, when you know someone who probably wants a cat sofa, feel free to share this post. Additionally, which sofa do you like?

By Marleen

Marleen is a truly madly deeply cat lover and founder of That Is for My Cat. She wants to share her knowledge about cats with other people who like to know more about cats.

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